Chapter 8


For once, I was actually relieved when I felt my Great-Grandfather magically calling for my presence.

I was exhausted.

I may be a powerful, freaky combination of Supe blood but I was still part human and I needed some sleep after this hellaciously long night.

Retelling the events of the night of my transformation was not something I enjoyed doing. So, I was more than happy to end this conversation with the Sheriff. He may have more questions, but he could wait. He knew enough to make his decision and I didn’t owe him anything else at the moment.

If he decided to marry me, then we could talk about our enemies and fang hygiene all he wanted.

For now, I was ready to let the men talk details while I escaped into dreamland.

It wasn’t that I was a running away or anything, but anyone would need some time to adjust when, in only a week’s time, the world around them had been turned upside down and they had become a stranger in their own body.

I wasn’t the same person anymore.

I was vampire.

And fairy.

And human.

I was a mutt.

A powerful mutt, but a mutt all the same.

I sighed aloud.

This line of thought was getting me nowhere. I hated how self-loathing I felt after inadvertently draining my meal.

It wasn’t like I hadn’t killed before. I had killed several Weres this very night and I hadn’t felt an inkling of remorse.

No. Killing didn’t bother me.

It was killing innocent people that bothered me.

Fuck. I had to stop thinking about this and focus on the vampire in front of me.

“Niall is calling us back. Our time is up.” I explained while I held my hand out to him to take so I could transport us back to his office. I realized my voice sounded a little sad but I hoped he would attribute it to not wanting our time together to end and he wouldn’t realize I was drowning in my own self-pity.

Men didn’t find depression to be a turn-on, regardless of their species.

As I looked at Eric and waited for him to take my hand, I couldn’t help but appreciate how handsome he looked in the moonlight. He really did exude sex without even trying to be sexual. The ocean breeze was moving his shoulder length blonde hair softly around his neck and it occurred to me that we had the same wheat colored hair.

He was wearing jeans and a black wife-beater shirt that seemed to be his normal casual wear. The shirt left his arms exposed to the lunar glow, which emphasized his muscles by deepening the crevices between each mound with shadow. He was a magnificent male specimen and I couldn’t help but think about how exciting it would be to have him as my instructor in the sexual arts.

Before I could stop my current line of thought, my body responded and I felt warmth spreading between my legs as blood also rushed to my flushed cheeks. In the next second, I could detect the scent of my arousal now lingering in the air around me. I heard a soft growl and my eyes were drawn away from Eric’s body and back to his eyes.

Damn. He looked feral in his desire and I dampened even more. It was obvious he had sensed my arousal and it had triggered his own response.

In the next second, his mouth was covering mine and his arms were pulling me into his body.

I knew I should push him away because we needed to leave, but he was one hell of a kisser and I didn’t know if I’d get another chance with him. So, against my better judgment, I gave into his welcomed assault on my mouth and body.

I tangled my hands into his hair and drew his mouth deeper into mine as his tongue caressed my own. We battled for dominance with our mouths while his hands slowly slid down my sides and landed on my ass. Without hesitation, Eric lifted me and I instinctually wrapped my legs around his waist.

With his tongue stroking my mouth and his arousal now pressed against my core, I had no control over what happened next.

My fangs descended.

And I cut myself.

I automatically pulled my mouth away from his when I felt a sting. I had yet to master my fangs in general and I hadn’t tried kissing with them at all so it was no surprise that I pierced my own lip.

“Oops.” I laughed slightly. “I need to learn to control these things better.”

“Hmmm.” Eric hummed sensually in a deep, dark tone. “I don’t know. I can see some benefits to this scenario.”

I had barely a moment’s warning as my eyes rose to meet Eric’s again only to realize he was staring at the blood pooling on my bottom lip. Since he was a thousand years older than me, I had no chance at matching his speed or saying anything to stop him before he acted on the impulse shining in his eyes.

What a train wreck this was going to be.

As Eric kissed me again while deliberately licking my blood from the lip I’d inadvertently pierced with my fang, I stayed frozen and didn’t kiss him back.

Instead, I counted in my head.

All hell would break loose in . . .

3 . . .

2 . . .

1 . . .

Eric fell to his knees and I hit the ground in front of him. His arms went to his head automatically and he fell over onto his side in the fetal position as his mouth opened in a silent scream. His fangs were extended and bloody tears ran down his face.

I didn’t think any less of him for this display of pain. It was inevitable and unavoidable from the moment he took my blood. He would feel as if his blood was boiling and burning him from the inside out. I knew his eyes felt like they were going to explode and the clothes touching his skin would feel like a knife trying to skin him alive.

I knew all of this because I had experienced it myself.

That’s why I knew there was nothing I could do.

But I still felt miserable watching him suffer.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized weakly. “It was an accident and there was no time to warn you. I’m so sorry.”

Before I could offer more meaningless apologizes, I felt a more urgent pull from Niall.

Guessing Grandpa had an idea about what had happened, I decided to take Eric back to his bar. He would recover shortly and I had the feeling I’d be better off if I wasn’t alone with him.

After placing my hand as lightly as possible on Eric’s shoulder, I popped us to the Prince’s side. When I looked around, I was surprised to find we were in the dungeon below Fangtasia, but I wasn’t surprised to find that Pam was in the floor experiencing the same pain as Eric.

They were both going to be so pissed off.

After looking at the expression on Niall’s face, he wasn’t too thrilled with me either.

“Explain.” He barked at me.

“It was an accident.” I snapped back. I had learned very early in my life to never let my great-grandfather see me cower when he became authoritative. He was an alpha-male to the extreme. He attacked harder when he sensed any weakness.

“That’s an excuse. I want an explanation.” He growled at me.

Sooner than I could open my mouth, I found myself on my back on the ground with a very angry Viking looming over me.

“I would like an explanation as well.” He snarled as he loomed over me with his fangs glistening dangerously.

Of course, his little display didn’t scare me because I knew he wouldn’t risk hurting me in front of the Prince. However, I was highly annoyed to find out his forcefulness turned me on. Damn vampire hormones!

“Viking.” My grandfather warned Eric harshly.

“You licked up the blood I spilled before I could stop you.” I explained accusingly. I also glared at Eric, because he knew better than to taste the blood of a vampire or fairy without permission. So, technically, this was partially his fault.

“So, you decided to punish me?” He pushed on with his questioning because he hadn’t caught on to the explanation yet.

“I warned you about how blood oaths were shared and the pain involved.” I snapped at him. I was out of patience with this never-ending clusterfuck of a night. I didn’t need his shit. I had enough of my own issues.

Eric stared at me for a moment longer before realization dawned on his face. He quickly placed me back on my feet and then he swiftly turned away from me.

“FUCK!” He bellowed as his hand swiftly connected with the concrete wall.

Yep, that about covers it.

“Whatever you did to that bitch, can you do it again?”

All of our heads whipped towards the pain filled voice that came from our captured Werewolf. Looking him over where he was chained to the wall, it appeared that Pam had been spending some quality time torturing the mangy animal. So, he had, in turn, enjoyed seeing her in pain as the blood oath settled in her veins.

I was really happy to see the ugly bastard.

I had been too tied up in the battle earlier to notice which wolf we had captured, but now I realized he was the one who had been thinking about torturing my brother.

I needed this outlet to relieve some stress.

So I ‘popped’ in front of him and twisted his balls around a hundred and eighty degrees. I’m surprised they didn’t fall off in my hand.

He howled his torment while I whispered in his ear, “You will mind your mouth and manners in my presence.”

Straightening myself up and stepping away from him, I continued in a cool voice. “I would also be careful of your thoughts if you know what’s good for you.” I remembered he was a bit of a broadcaster for a Were.

Oh Fuck! She is a telepath.

“Yes. I’m a telepath, Cooter.” I smiled evilly when he blanched as I spoke his name. “So, I can easily get the answers I need without torturing you, or I can ask Pam if she already found out what we need, but I think I’m more inclined to stop listening to your mind and start working out my frustrations on your worthless skin.”

She ain’t getting’ shit out of me. Dumb Fangbanger. Nothing they could do to me could be as bad as Edgington. He’s insane.

He followed that thought with a growl in my direction and I took a step forward to begin my fun. I didn’t care that I knew who sent him now after me. I was still going to hurt him.

I wasn’t a sadistic person, but I believed in punishment for threatening what was mine. I wanted to see him pay for what he planned to do to my brother.

Eye for an eye in the Supe world.

He was going to torture my brother so I was going to torture him.

“Susannah.” The Prince said in a bored tone. “As much as I’m sure you wish to punish the Were for his involvement tonight, we don’t have time.”

I really wanted to glare at my great-grandfather for ruining my plans, but I couldn’t disrespect him in front of the vampires. So, instead of glaring at him, I just closed my eyes and tilted my head back for a minute while I took a deep breath.

“Are you going to cry you fucking cunt because your plans were ruined?” This wolf was begging for a quick death and it angered me that I didn’t have time to make him suffer.

When I opened my eyes, the jar I had summoned from my penthouse was in my right hand and a funnel was in my left. I approached the Were and placed the funnel in his mouth to the point where he was almost gagging.

“What are you doing?” Pam demanded.

It was the first time she’d spoken since Eric and I had popped back to the club, but I wasn’t in the mood to answer her. For a moment, I wondered why Eric was being so quiet, but I let the thought go. I was busy with other things. The Viking could wait.

“What do they know about me and who told them?” I asked as I held the funnel in place.

What the fuck is she doing? I don’t know how they know ’bout her. Fuck. What’s in the jar?

“Cooter.” I purred. “Focus on the question or this silver dust is going down your throat.”

He’s eyes got wide as saucers as I heard Pam and Eric chuckle slightly at the Weres response. Weres were just as susceptible to silver as vampires were.

I knew they’d appreciate my methods.

Shit. He said she was a fuckin’ human but she doesn’t act like one. What the hell?

I tipped a couple of grains of dust into his mouth. I heard the dust sizzle in his throat as he tried to cry out in pain, but the funnel prevented any movement of his mouth.

Aaaahhhh. Oh my god.

“How do they know about me, Cooter.” I cooed to him.

I don’t know. Fuck. I don’t. But we had some guys kidnap a vamp from the same town last week. Maybe he knew. Shit.

My temper went through the roof as I poured the whole jar of silver dust down his throat.

Bill FUCKING Compton

As I turned my back on the wolf and walked towards the steps to go back upstairs to Eric’s office, I heard the footsteps of the other’s start to follow me and the sounds of the Were starting to fall to pieces as the silver dust burned him from the inside out.

I wanted him to feel the same type of pain Pam had felt earlier when the blood oath was burning through her veins. Silver dust was as close as I could get.

He really shouldn’t have called her a bitch.

I liked her.

Niall and I were sitting comfortably on the leather couch in Eric’s office while Eric leaned against his desk and Pam guarded the door.

One big happy family.

What a mess!

I just wanted to go to bed. I was so tired. It must be close to four o’clock in the morning.

“Dear one,” Niall said softly. “You need to sleep.”

Oops. I guess I wasn’t hiding my exhaustion well. Not like I really could.

Before I could speak, Eric interrupted with some skepticism. “She sleeps at night?”

“She is right here.” I grumbled sleepily.

My grandfather patted my hand to quiet my feminist moment while he addressed the question. “Yes. She sleeps. She is still part human and fairy so she can’t die for the day. Her heart still beats.”

“I see.”

“Honestly, her body will make her sleep soon. Well, it’s more like a coma. She starts to feel a pull to rest around two hours before sunrise and she wakes around noon.”

Eric’s eyebrows went to his hairline. “She’s a daywalker?”

“Yes.” I must have closed my eyes because I felt Niall place an arm around me and pull me into his side so my head could rest on his shoulder. “I told you she would make a powerful ally.”

Eric didn’t address the Prince’s statement. However, I did feel someone squeeze my hand and it caused me to open my eyes.

Eyes as blue and clear as the ocean were staring back at me and Eric was squatting in front of me with my hand held between two of his. I was too tired to try to hazard a guess at what the look on his face meant.

“Can you tell us what the Were knew before you rest?”

I was surprised by how gentle his voice was when he spoke. It made me want to tell him even though I knew I couldn’t stay awake to speak the whole story.

I think I managed to say “King” before everything went black.



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