Chapter 4

“That was different.” Eric said tonelessly after we had popped into Merlotte’s.

“What’s wrong Viking? Didn’t you enjoy the trip?” I asked him sweetly, with my arms still around his back. After all, I had to keep touching him to maintain our cloak, right?

Eric looked down at me with a devilish smirk before pulling me tighter into his embrace and pushing his arousal into my stomach. “I certainly wouldn’t mind popping with you again Princess.”

I opened my mouth to chastise him for his never-ending sexual innuendos but before I could say anything I noticed one of the waitresses walking straight towards us. I quickly called on my magic and popped us to the other side of the room so that we were standing closer to a wall. It was unlikely anyone would invade our space in this new location.

I hadn’t had a chance to warn Eric so he looked a little disoriented for a second.

“Sorry, the waitress was about to walk into us.” I explained.

Eric raised an eyebrow in question. “But aren’t we cloaked?”

“Yes. We are invisible but we still exist.” I wasn’t sure the best way to explain this aspect of my cloak so I hoped he would understand. “They can’t see us, hear us, or smell us but we are still solid. We can be detected if we are touched or if we move anything and someone notices it.”

Eric seemed to be thinking over my revelation so I took the time to observe our surroundings.

Merlotte’s looked the same as always. It was your typical small town restaurant and bar with all the locals sitting around drinking, eating, and swapping gossip. The owner, Sam Merlotte, was behind the bar pouring drinks while three waitresses kept up with the tables. Of course, my brother was shamelessly flirting with one of those waitresses, but I saw him glance in my direction so I knew he felt my arrival.

All in all, everything looked rather normal except for the five burly men sitting at a table in the corner. It was obvious they didn’t fit in, and that would be true even if I didn’t know they were werewolves. Leather clad, tattooed bikers don’t pass through a small town like Bon Temps very often.

“The blonde sitting at the bar is your brother?” Eric asked.

“Yes.” I smiled. “I suppose you can see the family resemblance?”

“More like he’s the only male in this dump attractive enough to be related to a fairy.” Eric chuckled in response.

When will the bitch get here?

I immediately stiffened and turned my head towards the Were whose thoughts were broadcasting to me. Weres were usually hard for me to read but every once in a while I’d come across one that would broadcast a little louder. He still wasn’t as clear as a human but I was getting what I needed because his mind was projecting a picture of Jason and me. How the hell did he have a picture of us?

We should just take the brother like we planned and let him lead us to her. I’m sick of waiting. She’s probably not even really a telepath and this is just a waste of time. At least we get some V outta this deal once we deliver her.

I felt rage.

Pure, unadulterated rage.

Not only had someone found out I was a telepath and planned to have me kidnapped, but they also intended to hurt my brother. I may be a sweet, southern girl at heart, but NO ONE TOUCHES MY BROTHER.

Lost in my anger, I started to stalk towards the trash that planned to harm my family. My body and magic were responding to my rage and I was reaching my boiling point. I needed to unleash my temper on those mongrels and teach them a lesson.

Before I could take more than a step, Eric pulled me back to his side.

“What are you doing?” He hissed at me.

“Let. Me. Go.” I paused with each word to emphasize my point and my voice was deadly.

Of course, Eric was undeterred. “We can’t just materialize out of nowhere in the middle of a bar.”

“Don’t make me hurt you Eric.” I spat at him.

Look at that prick. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women.

My head snapped back to the Were as his thoughts of my brother invaded my mind again.

I bet pretty boy doesn’t last five minutes before we have him squealing like a baby.

If we weren’t cloaked and the patrons of Merlotte could have heard my fierce growl, they would have trampled each other in an effort to run out the door.

The werewolves intended to torture my brother.

All capability of reason left my body. I had to kill someone and I was going to do it.

To hell with the consequences.

Before I could move towards the lowlifes again, Eric tangled his left hand in my hair and pulled me into a searing kiss.

What the hell was wrong with him? I know violence does it for vampires but now was so not the time. I was pissed off by his actions and trying to push him away, but he just tightened his grasp and his arousal was even more evident as it pushed further into my stomach.

Shit! Even though I was fighting him, it was obvious he wrote the book on kissing technique and I really wanted to let myself sink into the kiss. When I felt his fangs click into place, I couldn’t help but wrap my tongue around them. However, when I started to feel my anger subside and my arousal skyrocket, I finally snapped out of the moment.

This was a disaster waiting to happen. I had to make him stop. The more turned on I got the harder it was to fight my instincts. He hadn’t signed the alliance yet and I couldn’t lose control. I needed to figure out how to calm the Viking and quickly.

Now, I may be strong but I’m not nearly strong enough physically to push around a thousand year old vampire. So, my only option was to use magic, but I couldn’t do that in the bar without drawing attention to us.

Leaving was the only option.

Having reached my decision, I popped us about two miles away from Merlotte’s into a stretch of woods my Daddy used to hunt in. Before Eric even knew what hit him, I used my magic to blast him off me.

He landed ten feet away.

I stayed safe in my cloak.

I needed to calm down without an audience and I felt it was safe to assume the Sheriff would need a moment to calm down as well.

“Fairy!” Eric yelled.

I couldn’t let him see me because I was no longer able to control myself and he would know my secret if he could see me. I had to regain control before I revealed myself but I didn’t want him to leave while I did so. Therefore, I only revealed my voice.

“Sorry, but you couldn’t seem to control yourself.” I told him in an even tone.

His head turned towards the direction of my voice but he didn’t try to approach me.

“You think I’m the one that needs to learn some control?” He laughed sarcastically. “I think you need to get control of your temper Princess. You were about to attack the Weres in the middle of a human bar.”

“How the hell does that justify your behavior?” I yelled at him. I wasn’t even going to address the fact that I had almost made a big mistake.

He shrugged. “Distraction. Sex is the best way of distracting a vampire in bloodlust so I thought I’d try it to see if it worked on you.” He smiled devilishly in my general direction. “You can’t say it didn’t work.”

“Hmph. More like you redirected my anger.” I said angrily. I wasn’t going to admit he was right so I lied.

“If you say so Princess.”

The pompous ass knew I was lying.

“So, are you going to show yourself and tell me what happened in there?” Eric asked after a couple of moments of silence.

I had calmed down significantly so my appearance was back to normal and I was able to drop my shield as I explained, “They came to Bon Temps to kidnap my brother in an attempt to capture me, but now they know I’m coming so they are waiting for me.”

“What happened to your brother being a highly guarded secret and your family in this realm being bound from talking about fairies?” Eric challenged.

“I don’t know.” I slumped down onto a tree stump to sit and think. “But once I take care of the wolves you can be sure I’ll find out.”

“We should have your brother leave and meet you somewhere else so we can surprise the Weres.”

“Eric,” I sighed as I stood back up, “you don’t need to get involved. I can . . . ” Before I could say anything else Eric was interrupting me.

“You think I’m going to leave when I have a chance at a good fight?” Eric said indignantly.

“It’s not your fight.” I countered.

“It may be soon enough and I’d rather know what I’m dealing with.”

I studied him for a minute and decided I wasn’t going to argue. “Fine. All I know is they were sent to get me because of my telepathy and they are going to be rewarded with V.”

Eric’s whole body went rigid and he snarled, “The wolves are on V? Did you notice a tattoo on their necks?”

“Um. They had a lot of tattoos, Eric.” I said with a hint of confusion in my voice. “Why do you ask?”

“It’s nothing.”

Oh, but there was certainly something. His whole demeanor had changed. “I call bullshit. You went from anticipating the joy of a fight to being royally pissed off in the blink of an eye.” I paused to think for a second while he turned his head to look off into the woods. “What’s your history with wolves on V?”

“It’s not your concern.” Eric hissed out between his clinched teeth.

“I beg to differ. It may become a very big concern for me very shortly.” Not only were they after my brother, but they also seemed to have a history with my possible, soon-to-be husband.

“Now’s not the time for a history lesson.” Eric’s voice said he was back to business. “Just know that they will be much stronger and faster than normal Weres. They are also more vicious and unpredictable as a rule.”

“I’ll accept your answer for now, but if this alliance goes further I will expect an explanation.”

Eric’s only response was to glare at me so I returned his glare with equal fervor until I decided now was not the time for a battle of wills.

I pulled out my phone and started dialing my brother. “I’m going to get Jason to meet us at his house. He doesn’t have any neighbors.”

“Sook, what’s takin’ so long?” Jason answered impatiently. I was feeling an increase in his anxiety so I assumed the Weres were starting to cause trouble.

“Sorry. I stopped to run an errand on my way.”

I heard him sigh into the phone. “Alright then. You on your way here now?”

“Well, I was thinking. I really don’t want to deal with the gossips and the drunken jerks tonight.” I let myself sound tired and a little whiney to keep up the act for the Weres. If they were on V, there was no doubt they could hear our conversation. “How about you meet me at your house and we’ll leave from there?”

“How’d you guess that Ms. Fortenberry was hanging around just so she can get some new gossip?” He laughed. “I’ll see you at my house in ten minutes.”

“See you there.” I agreed. I hung up the phone and walked towards Eric. “I guess we better get going.”

“Don’t you think . . .” Eric started to speak but I had already grabbed his hand and popped us into the back of Jason’s truck. Cloaked of course.

“You were saying?” I smiled at him innocently. I had a feeling he was going to say we should follow Jason home in case the Weres attacked him on the way to his house. Did he really think I wouldn’t consider that possibility?

Eric gathered me into his arms and held me to his chest as he leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Are you sure you can’t read my mind?”

It was all I could do to keep myself from groaning. Every time his body came in contact with mine it was become harder and harder to deny my body’s reaction to him. The feel of his lips against my ear magnified the effect he had on my body and I was losing control of myself again.

Luckily for me, my brother exited the bar at the perfect moment and my attention was drawn away from the Adonis in front of me and back to reality. I pushed away from Eric a little to put some space between us while still maintaining contact in order to keep him in my cloak.

“You know I can’t read your mind, Eric. Your thought was just predictable. I’d be a fool not to protect my brother as he drives home.”

By the time I finished speaking, Jason was to the driver’s side of his truck. Again, he gave a quick glance in my direction letting me know he felt my presence. I also saw some of the tension leave his shoulders so I knew things must have gotten tenser in the bar since Eric and I left.

“The wolves don’t seem to care if your brother notices them.” Eric commented as Jason started the truck.

I looked back towards the bar entrance and saw the five Weres climbing into their car. Eric and I kept our position standing in the bed of the truck as Jason pulled out on the main road and the Weres followed closely behind.

You going to be okay against five of them?” Jason thought at me.

I pulled out my phone to text a response.

“What are you doing?” Eric asked.

“Answering my brother.” I responded to Eric while texting “I have a friend with me” to my brother.

Good.” Jason thought once he’d read my text. “I have the gun you gave me with silver bullets under my seat.”

I gave an annoyed sigh. I was glad Jason had a weapon to defend himself in case one of them got past us, but there was a tenor to his thoughts that made me feel like he wanted to join in on the offensive side of the fight.

“What is it?” Eric questioned. I was pretty sure he was getting annoyed because he wasn’t in on my conversation with my brother.

“My brother has too much testosterone. I can feel he wants to be in on the fight but he’ll just get himself hurt.” I responded to Eric while I typed my response to my brother.

“Wait in the truck and we’ll hop in with you so we can leave.” I didn’t think anyone would have bugged his phone, but if they had then my text wouldn’t seem out of place with our story of meeting to go see some puppies.

Mother hen.” Was Jason’s only response to my text but I could feel he would follow my instructions and wait in the truck. I’d have him go in his house but the truck was a smaller area to defend than a whole house.

The truck started to slow down as Jason took the right turn to head down the dirt road to his home. The Weres’ car kept going straight but I could feel from their minds they stopped just a few feet past the turn to Jason’s home. This didn’t surprise me because they were probably planning on waiting until I showed up to attack.

“They’re going to wait in the woods until I show up. Then they will spread out in the woods. I could pop us behind them and we could split up. It would give us the advantage of surprise.” I suggested to Eric.

“I like the way you think.” Eric smiled mischievously “Even if I was looking forwarding to watching you in battle.”

“I would hardly even call this a skirmish.” I answered before flashing a devilish smirk. “Besides, who said anyone would see me?”

“This will be fun.” He answered in appreciation before getting back to business. “Shall we get started then?”

“Would you like a weapon? I prefer the katana myself.”

“You can produce a weapon?”

“No. I can summon one if I know where it is.” I answered.

“My broadsword from my office.”

“The one hanging on the wall?” I asked and Eric nodded in response.

I summoned his sword and handed it off to him before summoning my katana. It was a gift from my grandfather. I started training with swords when I was fifteen and the first time I picked up a katana it was clear to everyone it would be my weapon of choice. So, on my sixteenth birthday my grandfather gave me a custom made katana. Its length and weight were perfect for me and the hilt was encrusted with rubies, but the best part was the spell my grandfather placed on the sword.

“It’s a perfect match for you.” Eric commented.

“Thank you. It was made to be so.” I smiled at him. “Just make sure you don’t try to pick it up without my permission.”

“And why is that?”

“It’s cursed.” I answered as Jason slowed to a stop in front of his home. “My grandfather gave it to me as a gift. It can never be used against me and it will harm anyone who touches it unless I’ve allowed them to wield it.”

“Like its mistress. Beautiful but deadly.”

I couldn’t hold back the blush that painted my cheeks. How in the hell could he get me to blush when we were about to fight V fueled werewolves?

Eric smirked at me before asking, “Have the Weres spread out in the woods yet?”

I took a moment to open my mind and scan the surrounding woods. I didn’t like what I found.

“Damn. They’re multiplying.” I mumbled.

Eric stiffened. “How many?”

“Eight in total now. They had three watching the house.”

“If they were normal Weres it would be easy.” Eric said thoughtfully. “If we keep them separated though, we should be fine.”

“Just to warn you. Fairies might start popping up if they’re needed.”

“What do you mean?”

“My cousin, Claudine, is my guardian. So, if I get in trouble she’ll feel it. If Claudine shows up, it possible her siblings will come since they are triplets and tied together very tightly.” I explained before leveling him a glare. “Just try not to attack them if they show up to help. I’m sure they’ll pop out as soon as it’s over. They can’t mask their scent.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Well, that was reassuring.

“Are you ready?” I could almost feel his excitement in those three words.

“Always.” I smiled. “I’ll pop you to the north and then move myself to the south. Jason has a gun with silver bullets if any make it through. Try to leave one alive for me to read.”

“I’m not making any promises.” He winked as his fangs clicked down.

“Neither am I.”



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