Chapter 2

I focused on my great-grandfather’s blood to guide me to the right destination as I popped, or magically transported, to his side. When I arrived, one quick glance at my surroundings revealed I was in Eric’s office at Fangtasia. I knew this because I had looked around his office last night when I visited. Of course, he didn’t know I’d been snooping around. Neither did Niall. I’m quite sure they’d both be pissed off if they knew.

Eric was leaning against the front of his desk with an expressionless face and his god-like arms crossed in front of his broad chest. He was wearing blackwashed jeans, a red Fangtasia t-shirt, and black boots. His hair was lying loosely on his shoulders and I really wanted to run my fingers through it. Damn, this was going to be difficult. His body was already driving me to distraction.

I forced myself to look away from the Viking and survey the rest of the room. I found his vampire child, Pam, standing in front of the closed office door. She was wearing a short, skin-tight leather dress and her light blonde hair was lying perfectly flat against her back. She was dressed to impress the clientele of Fangtasia, whom expected their vamps to sport the goth look. Pam appeared to be bored.

In total conflict with his environment, Niall was wearing his usual white designer suit and holding his walking stick. He didn’t really need the walking stick, but it was a convenient way to always have a weapon in your hand. Niall was sitting on the black leather couch and I could tell he was slightly amused.

It was obvious they were all waiting for me. Funny that I was here and the vampires didn’t know.

It was one of the gifts that manifested on my birthday. I could cloak myself. It was absolutely wonderful. My cloak was even more powerful than Niall’s. He could mask his scent, but I could cloak my entire being. No one could see me, smell me, or hear me unless I wanted them to do so. I didn’t even leave a scent behind after I left somewhere unless I wanted to.

It was an absolute power trip to be able to go anywhere I wanted without being detected. It was how I had spied on Eric, as well as some other interesting characters, over the past couple of nights.

“Sookie.” Niall broke through my thoughts. “It would be helpful if everyone else knew you were here?”

Oh, I forgot to mention that anyone who shared my blood could feel my presence. I found that fact out when I tried to sneak into my cousin’s club while cloaked and she caught me. I was supposed to be under “house arrest” until the alliance was completed. So, I really got a lecture from my cousin when she found out I had left my penthouse prison. Luckily, she didn’t rat me out to the Prince.

I pulled myself from my thoughts and removed my cloak as I addressed the Prince.

“I apologize grandfather. I was simply ensuring there were no threats before revealing myself.” I allowed a warm smile of affection to grace my face.

Niall smiled at me warmly as he rose and placed a kiss on each of my cheeks. I knew he found my lie entertaining. He knew I only arrived cloaked to show the Viking one of the reasons I would be such a wonderful partner to have by his side.

“Of course, Dear One.” He replied as he stepped back and turned us both towards the Sherriff.

“Sookie, I’d like you to meet Eric Northman and his child, Pamela Ravenscroft.” Niall said as he gestured towards Eric and Pam with his right hand.

I had been keeping an eye on Eric since I removed my cloak and he had been intently staring at me ever since I appeared. He kept his face impassive but I didn’t miss the thorough eye-fuck he’d given me while I was greeting my grandfather. This didn’t really surprise me. I had already learned he was into blonde hair, boobs, and blue eyes. Plus, I had chosen to dress the complete opposite of the fangbangers he was used to seeing every night. I was wearing a short white dress with a sweetheart neckline and little red flowers on it. I looked like I was going to a Sunday church picnic instead of to meet a vampire. It was obvious by the large bulge prominent in his pants he enjoyed my innocent look.

I nodded to each of the vampires before turning back to face Eric and speaking with my sweetest southern drawl.

“It’s nice to meet you both.”

Eric smirked at me before responding, “Well, aren’t you sweet.”

Ha! He wishes.

“Well, I guess that depends on what you mean Mr. Northman.” I smiled sweetly at him.

“How so, Ms. Brigant?” He seemed amused by me. It was so easy to bait him.

“If you mean my disposition, then yes I suppose I can be sweet when it’s required of me. However, if you’re speaking of my taste,” I shrugged as if the taste of my blood was something I spoke about on a daily basis, “then I couldn’t really say. I’ve never let anyone close enough to try.”

I had held eye contact with Eric the whole time I spoke and I knew I’d appealed to his bloodlust with my little speech because I saw a hint of fang creep down before he hid them away again. A small smirk made its way onto my face before I could fight it but I quickly locked it away and returned to my darling persona.

“Sookie,” I turned my head to acknowledge my grandfather again. “The Sherriff would like to visit with you for a few hours and then we will all reconvene here to determine if we are all in agreement with moving forward.” I nodded to show my agreement.

I thought my grandfather would excuse himself at that point, but instead he switched to speaking the language of the fairies so that the vampires could not understand us.

“Northman is being difficult and will not even consider the deal without a blood bond. He wants a way to detect any dishonesty or betrayal from you.” I could hear the disgust in Niall’s voice. He knew we needed Eric, but I was his favorite and he was still upset he had to agree to a marriage with a vampire. Though, I think it was really the whole situation and not just the marriage to a vampire that upset him.

I glanced at Eric, who was looking annoyed by our secret conversation, and then responded to my grandfather in our language. “Perhaps it’s a good idea. I would be able to detect his dishonesty as well.”

“All bonds are different, my child. It is risky.” He sighed as we continued our private discussion and the vampires were starting to show outward signs of their frustration.

“Yes, but I’m not entirely human and perhaps I will have more control than we would expect. Especially now.” I responded in our language before switching back to English. “I will do what is needed, My Prince. A bond is acceptable to me.”

Eric continued to be stoic after I finished speaking, but Pam’s eyebrows gave away her surprise before she blanked her face again. I’m guessing this was Eric’s way to test the waters to see if we were really trying to pull the wool over his eyes. By agreeing so easily, I had made the first offering of trust.

“Very well.” Niall’s tone sounded pleased but I knew he was still unhappy. “I will return when your bar has closed, Northman.” Eric nodded in acknowledgement and my grandfather kissed me on the cheeks again before popping out of the room.

I was tempted to take control of the conversation and break the silence that settled over the office after my grandfather popped away, but instead I chose to show I wasn’t intimidated and stay silent. Eric’s eyes didn’t leave mine and after a few seconds I felt a little tingle in my brain. I expected him to test to see if glamour would work on me (I am part-human after all), but it pissed me off he tried it before even saying a word. I swallowed my irritation though and just placed a broad smile on my face.

“Proud of that are you?” He chuckled a little.

“Wouldn’t you be?” I challenged without dropping my smile. He didn’t answer, but instead ask a question of his own.

“Niall was not happy about the blood bond when I mentioned it. What did you say to him?”

“I reminded him I would be able to sense your betrayal just as you would be able to sense any betrayal from me.” He raised an appreciative eyebrow as I shrugged before continuing, “Don’t get me wrong. He still hates the idea.”

“I’m sure he does. Which begs the question, why approach a vampire to suggest a marriage to his kin if the mere idea of a blood bond upsets him so?” I could tell he really didn’t expect me to answer. He just wanted to see what I’d say and if I’d give anything away.

I decided to avoid the question and appeal to his vampire nature instead.

“I intimidate all the fairy males.” I said with false sadness. “I’m afraid he had to be creative to find a man who might be able to tame me.”

“Oh, I like her.” Pam interjected from the corner.

“Thanks, Pam.” I gave her a wink and a smile for her words.

“Pamela, you can return to the door.” Eric ordered.

“Yes, Master.” Pam responded. “Will you be on the floor tonight?”

“We will be along shortly.” He responded and I couldn’t help the small sigh that escaped me. Of course, they both heard it.

“You have a problem with going into my club?” Eric questioned incredulously. I can see why this would bother him since we may be married soon.

“They are just so boring. All they think about is sex, sex, bite me, sex, turn me, sex. It’s really pathetic.” I probably did sound a little whiny but I hadn’t had any real fun in over a week. I didn’t want to waste my time out of my penthouse.

“Think about?” Eric’s body stiffened.

Shit. Did Niall not tell him anything about me? He could have warned me if he didn’t want me to tell him. Or maybe his plan was to let me slowly show my worth? Oh well, cat’s out of the bag now.

“Yes, thinking.” I answered while trying to sound confused by his question. I cocked my head to the side, “What did the Prince tell you about me?”

“Only that you are a quarter fairy, have lived in Faery since you were six, and have some powerful magic of your own. We spoke mostly of the terms of the alliance. Niall felt you could explain more about yourself.” He answered quickly. “So, explain.”

I had to laugh. My grandfather really did play this well. He left it up to me to play the ‘wow’ factor to the max. We really were a great team.

“I suppose he could have mentioned I’m a telepathic part-fairy,” I smiled. “but don’t worry, vampires are nice and quiet. It’s relaxing really.”

“There’s a first.” Pam snorted. “Vampires are relaxing.”

“That’s certainly a useful skill.” Eric said coolly. “What else did he fail to mention about you?”

“Oh, wouldn’t you like to figure it out over time, Eric? Everyone loves a good mystery.” I said with a flirty smile.

“No. I think I’d like to know now.” He was not amused.

“Will you say please?” I asked him sweetly. I knew I was pushing his buttons.

“Om du inte gifta sig med henne, kommer jag.” Pam laughed.

I looked at Pam with a smile. “Sorry sweetie, I don’t swing that way. I guess you’ll just have to convince him to keep me around.” I had watched her interactions with Eric last night and she loved to tease him. She and I would get along wonderfully. I loved quick-witted humor.

The looks on their faces were priceless. It’s hard to surprise a vampire and I had just done so by showing my ability to understand Swedish.

Eric recovered first. “You speak Swedish?” He sounded incredulous, but I thought he was a little happy about my ability to speak his favorite language.

“I can speak and understand any language.”


“It was my great-great-grandmother’s ability. I’m the first one to inherit it since her. You could make up a language right now and I would know what you were saying.” I explained with a bored tone before smirking and adding. “Fairies call it the ‘skill of tongue.'” I finished with a wink.

“I see.” He responded.

So could I. He’s pants had to be uncomfortable.

“It’s a very useful skill.” I may have even batted my eyes somewhat. I had to egg him on a little. I couldn’t help it. Fairies are notoriously flirtatious.

“Yes. I can foresee many uses for it.” I thought he was going to stop there but I was so very wrong. “I, too, have a certain skill of tongue. I’m already thinking about all the places we could use our combined skills and how satisfactory those outcomes would be for both of us.” Oh, damn. He was good.

I couldn’t control the blush that appeared on my cheeks as he spoke or the reaction his words caused in my nether regions. I should have known better than to try to out flirt a thousand year old Viking.

“Since I have to watch your verbal foreplay, can I stay for the main event?” Pam’s words brought me back to reality. I decided to take the opportunity to return to my innocent routine and prod his vampire instincts even more.

“Now, Pam, don’t be silly.” I giggled. “I’m a Fairy Princess. Everyone knows we are required to be pure for our intended.”

With my words, both of their fangs clicked into place. Vampires love virgins.

Game. Set. Match.

I decided to celebrate my victory later. I had successfully shown myself to be an asset by revealing some of my powers and I had insured Eric was painfully aware of his attraction to me. Now, I needed to diffuse the situation and move us into the bar before it got out of hand.

“So, are you ready to show me your bar? I could really use a good drink.” I smiled sweetly.

“Of course.” Eric replied as he retracted his fangs and raised an eyebrow. “However, I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen my bar.”

“Oh? Why would you think that?” I asked with obvious confusion in my voice. There was no way he could have sensed me when I came here yesterday. I was cloaked.

“Let’s be honest, my dear.” He replied with a smirk as he started stalking towards me. If he thought he was going to intimidate me, he had another thought coming. “How long have you been sneaking into my bar while cloaked?”

I didn’t respond because I was trying to figure out the consequences if I lied now and he asked me again when we completed the bond. Then, he would know I had lied and I’d be in a world full of hurt.

So, I decided not to respond and just furrow my brows to indicate I was still confused.

“Trying to figure out how I know you were here, aren’t you?” He seemed very pleased with himself but I was almost sure he was just trying to play poker with me. I was positive he just wanted to see if he could get me to flinch.

But I was wrong.

Because then, he caught me.

He leaned right up to my ear before whispering, “My Sweet Princess, if you’ve never been here before tonight, then how would you have already formed an opinion about our patrons thoughts?”

Well, shit.


Om du inte gifta sig med henne, kommer jag. – If you don’t marry her, I will.



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  1. nancy

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    Those two are gonna be fun!

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