Chapter 10


“What do you wish to do, my child?”  Godric asked me without any emotion in his voice.

That was the million-dollar question wasn’t it?

After calming myself down following Sookie’s attack on my waitress and her subsequent vanishing act, I had spent an hour explaining to my Maker the alliance proposed by Prince Niall.  Godric had listen intently and only stopped me a couple of times to ask clarifying questions.

I had not been able to ascertain his thoughts on the contract yet and he had blocked his side of our maker/child bond so I could not feel his emotions.  Apparently, he wanted to know what I thought before sharing his opinion.

As for how I felt about the proposal, I was annoyed as I found myself seeing more and more of the advantages of the alliance.

I didn’t want to be pragmatic right now because I didn’t want to be married.

Especially if I had to be monogamous.

But I did want Sookie.

I sighed unnecessarily as I decided on my answer.  I was about to share it with my Maker when a knock on my office door interrupted me.

“We are not to be disturbed.”  I replied curtly before considering who it might be.

“I’m sorry.”  Sookie’s somber voice came through the closed door.  Only then did I notice her proximity to me through our weak blood link.  “I can come back later.”

I had the door open in an instant and I glared at her.

For once, she looked intimidated and meek.

I didn’t like the look on her.

“I came to apologize for attacking your staff and for disappearing without thanking you.”  She spoke humbly.  “As you saw, I find myself without control when the sun first sets.  My family has tried to subdue me but nothing has worked.  My magic always overrides them and takes me to the easiest place to find a human.  Tonight, I ended up here.  I hope you understand that it was by no means a calculated decision.”

“I see.”  I said flatly as I turned my back on her and walked to my desk.  I could tell she was sad and unhappy about what happened earlier.  I was annoyed that I felt myself not wanting her to be sad or unhappy.

Damn it!

Sookie came in behind me and closed the door as I intended for her to do.  She quickly turned to my Maker and nodded her head deeply in greeting.

“Good evening, Godric.”  Sookie spoke softly.  “I’m sorry for the display you witnessed earlier.”

“I have seen much worse, Princess.”  Godric replied.

Sookie nodded in understanding before turning her attention back to me.  “Is the woman okay?  I will pay reparations for my attack on her.”

“The waitress is fine.”  After the blood transfusion she received from Dr. Ludwig.

“May I pay her medical bill?  I assume you had to call Ludwig.”  Sookie said diplomatically.

“No.”  I would not take her money.

“No?”  Sookie asked.

“No.  I don’t need your money.”  I replied shortly.

Sookie stared at me for a second and her sadness seemed to deepen before she appeared to shake off whatever thought she was having.  She then straightened herself and her eyes showed the far off look I’d seen on her face once before.

“Is your brother in trouble again?”  I asked drily.


“No?”  I asked.

“No.  My brother is not in trouble again.”  She responded shortly.

Bitch.  She just threw my words back in my face.

I showed my displeasure with her by growling lowly and I couldn’t help but notice my Maker’s slight grin.

“I’ve delivered my apology and now I must be leaving.  The Prince has called me to return home.”

“Why not wait for him here?”  Godric asked.  “We are expecting him shortly.”

I noticed a dip in Sookie’s emotions as Godric questioned her and I would not let her leave without finding the source of her changed emotions.

“I will not be joining my Grandfather.”  Sookie replied with a discreet look in my direction.

“Why is that?”  I pressed.

“He has given me another task.”

“One more important than the negotiation of an alliance and your marriage?”  Godric asked in a curious but unassuming tone.

Sookie’s discomfort was palpable.

“What is making you so uncomfortable?”  I asked in a voice I attempted to make soothing.

Sookie turned to look me straight in the eye and squared her shoulders.  “May I be completely frank?”

I checked her emotions again and she was only radiating determination now.

“Of course.”  I replied.

“My Grandfather does not believe you will agree to the alliance.  He has told me that if you will not agree within an hour tonight, then he wants me to have another vampire picked out so we can visit him tonight.  He doesn’t want to waste time.”

I growled loudly.

“So, Sheriff Northman, are you jerking us around or are you prepared to finish the negotiations tonight?”


Grandfather was right.  We need to finalize this alliance with the Northman or we needed to move on.  Time was of the essence and we didn’t need to waste it getting jerked around by the Sherriff.

Plus, I was becoming too attached to him.

For fucks sake, I showed up here acting like a contrite teenager.  What was WRONG with me!  I’m a freakin’ Princess.  I don’t need his approval or forgiveness.

“Do you really think you are in the position to make demands, Princess?”  Eric raised an eyebrow.

“Yes.”  I answered without any further explanations.

I noted the surprise on his face before he hid it away with any other emotions.  Infuriating vampires and their belief that you shouldn’t have emotions.


“Care to explain why you think you can make demands?”  Godric asked smoothly.

“First, because he isn’t my only option and he should remember that.”  Eric growled but I ignored him and continued.  “Secondly, he’s the one facing immediate danger.  The Queen is going to contact the Magister soon if she hasn’t already and the other threat is moving their pieces around as we speak to prepare to take over the state.  I, on the other hand, am not in any immediate danger.”

Suddenly, I felt Niall calling to me again through our blood.  He was pulling harder so I knew he was angry that I was away from the penthouse and not responding.

But I needed to know where I stood with Eric.

“My grandfather is getting impatient.  I need to go.”  I said sternly.  “Do you have an answer to my question, Sherriff?”

“How do we know we can trust you?”  Godric asked before Eric could answer.  “You have told him your secret but there is no risk for you because you have made him promise to take a blood oath if he declines.”

“I have agreed to the blood bond.  He will know if I am being deceitful.”  I defended myself easily.

“Yes.”  Eric adds.  “But it is to be completed after the treaty is already signed.”

When I grasped what Eric was hinting at, I was annoyed.

“You can’t be serious!”  I said exasperated.  “You want me to blood bond before you’ve even signed the treaty.  That’s ridiculous and I would be an idiot to agree.”

“No.”  Godric said simply.  “It would be unreasonable to ask for you to complete the blood bond prior to the treaty being signed.  However, I would ask that you complete the first true exchange before he makes his decision.  With the exchange, he will have a strong enough tie to you to determine if you are hiding anything or setting a trap.  Since you are part vampire, I would assume you would have the same advantage.”

“Eric has had a drop of my blood.  He can feel what I feel and it was enough to assert the pull on me to help me stop feeding.  So it is enough to read my truthfulness.”  My tone was defiant but I knew what their answer was going to be.

“Its true that you accidentally shared blood with me,” Eric said thoughtfully,  “but the tie is not as strong as an exchange and vampires have been known to have the ability to deceive those they have only shared blood with.  However, deceit is not possible with an exchange.”

I stood silently and regarded them both for a few moments.

I wanted this alliance with Eric.  I had done enough research to know that he was one of the few honorable vampires who were old enough to provide the protection I needed.

Plus, I wanted him.

I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest.

“If I agree to the blood exchange, then I want a verbal agreement that you will sign the treaty as it has been negotiated unless you find deceit in the bond regarding the alliance.”  I stated firmly.

Eric and Godric exchanged looks and seemed to have a silent conversation before Eric answered.


Holy Shit!

He agreed!


Fuck I hope she’s lying about something.  At least that will mean I have a reason to say no to this clusterfuck of an alliance.

I know it’s in my best interests – meaning in the best interest of my survival – to agree to the marriage and have the Fae as my ally, but damn it I do not want a wife.

The positive side of our latest agreement is that I get to taste the lovely Princess again.  I was looking forward to it since I was unable to appreciate the first taste due to the terrible pain I was feeling from the inherited blood oath.

“Do you have a suitable glass we can use for the exchange?”  Sookie asked firmly.

“Why would we need a glass, Princess?”  I said as I dropped my fangs.

She squared her shoulders but I felt the slight tingle of lust barrel through our small blood tie and I smelled a hint of arousal from her before she answered.  “As you’ve seen, I do not have much control.  I know that exchanges are intense and I will have this be as controlled as possible.  I am a lady.”

To say I was disappointed about not getting to sink my fangs into her delectable flesh would be an understatement.  However, I didn’t really have a good reason to protest her plan since the blood exchange would still work if the exchange were completed her way.

It didn’t really matter.  If the alliance went forward, then I would have plenty of opportunities to taste her.

I decided to pacify Sookie so I summoned my child to me through our bond.  When Pam entered, she was wearing her normal Fangtasia Goth garb that she hated and her normal bored expression.

“Bring us one of the wine glasses.”  I ordered and Pam returned seconds later with the glass and a raised eyebrow.  I ignored her questioning look and dismissed her with a nod so it was only the three of us again.

I may trust Pam, but I wasn’t going to risk having my young child in the room when my Fairy Princess was bleeding.  The last thing I needed was my child attacking Fae royalty in my office.

Godric rose from the couch and stepped forward to take the glass from me and hold it between us.

“Are you both ready?”  He asked.

Our fangs clicked down and I distinctly smelled my fairy’s arousal rising.

“Yes.”   She said evenly.

“I am ready.”  I purred seductively.

Through the skintight material of her blazing red dress, I distinctly saw her tighten her abdominal muscles as she tried to control her arousal. Knowing she was excited about the exchange made my arousal even more evident and my jeans became extremely tight and uncomfortable.

“To be clear.”  My Maker said firmly; in order to pull our attention back to him,  “The agreement is that Eric will sign the alliance as previously negotiated with your Grandfather, as long as he does not find any deceit in the bond with regards to your intentions within the alliance.”

“Agreed.”  Sookie and I both said at the same time.

Godric nodded for me to begin and I tore my wrist open and held it over the glass.  Sookie immediately started fidgeting and I realized she was having trouble containing herself.  The perfume of her arousal was now heavy in the air.

It made me smile that she wanted my blood.

It also made my jeans feels inexplicably tighter as I witnessed my Fairy’s vampire side.

As the glass was almost half full of my blood, I licked my wrist to close the wound and motioned for Sookie to begin.

It seems she thought she needed to be more ladylike because instead of biting her wrist, she conjured a small knife and cut her wrist.

The second the scent of her intoxicating blood hit the air Godric’s fangs dropped and he groaned softly.

Before I could even think about what I was doing, I growled at him.

It only took one look from him for me to realize what I had done and I immediately regretted the disrespect I had shown my Maker and I dropped my head in submission.

What was this woman doing to me?


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  1. nancy

    loved the chapter and story so far, well done!

    May 4, 2011 at 7:37 AM

  2. Mary

    I love this story Sookie is the only one that could take him off the market! I can’t wait for all the drama of enemies to come full throttle they’ll make a hell of a team!! Thanks so much for including Godric I love him so much AB should not have killed him off or at least so soon! Thanks for sharing can’t wait for more your stories are all amazing!! 🙂

    May 23, 2011 at 3:45 AM

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