Chapter 1

I was pacing around the penthouse in my hotel room in Shreveport waiting for my Great Grandfather’s call. I was trying to calm myself, because a large part of me still felt indignant, nervous, rebellious, and angry about the part I played in the alliance the Prince was currently proposing to the area Sherriff.

I was worried that it was the wrong thing to do for the Fae. I was worried that it would backfire on us. I was worried about what it meant for the rest of my life. Most of all though, I was feeling guilty because we only needed this alliance due to my recently discovered uniqueness. I personally call it my own little freak show. Like being a telepathic part-fairy, part-human wasn’t enough, I had to top my own list of freaky qualities by proving my one of a kind status. Consequently, getting myself banned from Faery for the rest of my existence. I hated it.

Well, there was nothing I could do about the past and who I turned out to be. There was no way to change it. The Prince had already tried. I just hoped we could continue to hide it until Granddad convinced the Sherriff to agree to the alliance and we all signed on the dotted line.

Ugh. This whole thing made me feel like I was property that was being sold instead of a Princess that was getting married.

Regardless of the reasons for the alliance with the vampire, I had always had a problem with the whole arranged marriage tradition of the Fae – even when I thought I’d be marrying a fairy. Sure, I had been raised in Faery since my parents and Gran were murdered when I was eight, but that didn’t mean I agreed with all of their ways.

Not that I could really voice that opinion in public.

I was royalty and after my rebellious pre-teen years I had finally learned how to act the part when I realized the danger that surrounded our family. We had to stand together in order to appear strong and avoid rebellion from rival groups. Of course, that didn’t mean I hadn’t gone a few rounds with my great-grandfather in the privacy of his study about the whole marriage thing.

Niall planned on arranging a marriage for me to a fairy when I turned thirty. His idea was that this timeframe would allow me two years to adjust to my magic after I gained full access to my fairy powers. We were still arguing about it regularly when my twenty-eighth birthday came around. On that day, the whole game was changed by the onset of my “magical puberty” and its unexpected consequences. That was a week ago.

So, that leads me to my current situation. Niall says that this vampire is as honorable as a vampire can be (like that’s truly comforting) and that he’s true to his word. My cousin, Claudine, who stays in the human realm most of the time, told me that he’s beyond handsome and that she would try to bed him if he wasn’t a vampire. Since she’s a full-blooded fairy, he would surely drain her if she tried. My granddad promised me that since I’m only a quarter fairy the Sherriff wouldn’t have any trouble controlling himself. In fact, he’s quite certain that my fairy blood will be a great incentive for the vampire to agree to the alliance.

Yuck. I’d really tried not to think about the fact that I’d have to be bitten by my new husband. On top of the feeling of being traded like property, thinking about feeding my husband my blood made me feel like an all night buffet that would appear in a horror movie.

Maybe the vampire won’t even agree and all this worrying will be for nothing. Ha! I should be so lucky.

Then again though, one of the main reasons for this alliance is to ensure my safety, so I guess I should be hopeful that this Sherriff agrees. Niall is certain that he will take the offer because we have learned about a conspiracy against him by his Queen and an impending takeover by another monarch. Part of the alliance my granddad is offering him includes our assistance in defeating the Queen and the other monarch. I suppose he’d be stupid to turn it down and I’ve been told he’s practically a strategic genius. Really, you’d have to be to stay alive for over a thousand years.

Well, I guess all the worrying in the world can’t change what has already been put into motion. All I can do is sit around and wait until it’s time for me to seal the deal by ensuring the Viking finds me irresistible.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, I’d been doing my own brand of research on my intended during the last two days and I’d easily learned that he was well known as both a sex god and a warrior. However, I had made the most interesting observations yesterday when I’d taken the time to watch him discretely at his club Fangtasia (and boy was Claudine right, he was yummy looking).

While I was observing him, countless women threw themselves at him and yet he seemed so bored. I might be wrong, but I felt like he wanted a challenge. I can only imagine how rare it is to be surprised after living for so long and seeing so much of the world. My opinion was he needed someone to make him work for it a little bit but also someone who was worth the work. So, tonight I’d decided to walk the line between the innocent southern belle my Gran would have raised me to be and the deadly lioness that I have become who protects her fairy family at all cost.

With that thought in mind, I felt the tingle on my skin that meant my kin was calling to me. So, that could only mean one thing.

It was showtime.



2 responses

  1. I like it

    July 6, 2012 at 1:37 AM

  2. Tiffany

    Excited, just found you and decided to start with this one I’m anxious to see how it plays out and what could have possibly gotten a royal kicked out of fairy due to heritage!

    August 2, 2013 at 1:37 PM

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