Chapter 9

My house was still dark when we arrived and there were no cars in the driveway. Thank goodness no one was here yet. I really needed a few minutes to collect my thoughts and prepare for what was coming.

After we made it inside, Pam had me go ahead and extend an invitation to Eric so that he didn’t have to wait when he got here later. Then, I warmed up a True Blood for Pam before I told her that I was going to change because I was a little dirty now. She just smirked at me before saying, “Didn’t I tell you earlier that you needed to start finding more pleasurable ways to ruin your clothes?”

“Well, I’d love to Pam but this blonde, bad-ass vampire chick didn’t really give me any options.” I was glad we were able to move past what happened earlier and get back to our easy banter.

“Would you like other options now?” Pam asked showing a little fang.

I just rolled my eyes and headed to my bedroom to change. My top actually didn’t need to be changed but my jeans had a couple of grass stains on them. As I pulled on my third pair of jeans of the night, I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t have another reason to change tonight.

I found Pam sitting on the couch in downtime. I thought it might be a good idea to call Jason to make sure he was coming over. I’d only been able to leave him a message earlier and who knows if he ever checked it. He answered his phone on the third ring, but before he said anything I heard a woman’s voice in the background.

“He’s the one that’s going to fucking kill us.” I heard through the phone.

“Shut up woman.” was Jason’s muffled reply before he said “Stackhouse here.”

“Jason, what’s going on over there? Are you in some kind of trouble?” I asked.

“What? Oh nah” he answered in his most innocent – yes, I’m guilty – voice. “What’s up Sook?”

I decided to ignore the background conversation. Jason and his latest girlfriend would just have to deal with their own drama. “I’m just making sure you got my message and that you were on your way over.”

“Well, tonight is not a good night Sook.” He hedged.

“Jason Stackhouse. You get your lazy ass in your truck and get over here now. There is never going to be a good night for what I need to talk to you about and Lafayette, Tara, and Sam will be here soon.”

“What’s going on?” he demanded. “Are you in trouble?”

“Jason, do you think I would order you to my house if it wasn’t important or if it was something we could talk about on the phone?” I asked exasperated.

“Fine. This better be good Sook. I got a lot going on.” My brother. It was always about him.

“You aren’t the only one.” I said back tartly. His problems couldn’t hold a candle to mine right now. “And don’t bring Amy.”

“What? Why not?” He was offended.

“Its not that I don’t like her Jason.” I tried to soothe him even though I thought there was something off about her. Maybe I should break my own rules and read her mind a bit. “Tonight’s just about those closest to me. Just come alone.” And then I hung up before he could protest anymore. Luckily Jason lived close by so he could still make it on time since we still had fifteen minutes before eleven o’clock.

“You and your brother are nothing alike.” I jumped. Pam was standing behind me. Of course she had heard the whole conversation.

I sighed. “No, we’re not.”

“I will wait outside while you speak to your friends. However, I will intervene if they get out of hand or any of you try something stupid.” I wasn’t sure what she meant by ‘try something stupid’ but I was glad she would be waiting outside. I wanted my friends calm for as long as possible while I got the whole story out and having Pam in the room would not help with that goal.

“Okay. Thanks.” Pam nodded and was gone.

I decided to busy myself by getting some lemonade ready for everyone. I put five glasses on a faux silver tray along with a pitcher of lemonade and carried it to the living room and placed it on the coffee table. Then I sat down on the couch and waited.

Each minute I waited seemed like forever. Hmm. I guess I was going to have to redefine how I use the term forever. That’s a weird thought.

While I sat there watching the clock, I came up with a plan. I would start with the rules for our discussion and then move on to tell them about my choice and then about Bill’s betrayal. I was hoping that if they saw how people would try to use me that they would understand that being a vampire would allow me some protection. I was hoping they would know me well enough to understand that I couldn’t let someone else die because of me. I was hoping that when they got over their anger and disbelief that they would still want to be in my life. In all reality, I was just hoping for anything that didn’t result in me losing everyone.

I was brought out of my musings by the sound of a car coming up my driveway. I made my way out to the front porch to wait.

Sam pulled up in his truck followed by Tara and Lafayette in his car. They probably all came from the bar.

“Hey there ya’ll. Thanks for coming.” I greeted them all as they walked towards the porch. Tara was the first one to reach me and she pulled me into a hug.

“Sook. You know I’m always here for you.” She said happily. “I was soooo worried until you called today. Oh, that’s a cute top.” Tara added pulling back and walking in the front door.

“What the hell Lafayette?” It was obvious Tara had been drinking and that was not going to help at all. Tara was enough of a hothead without alcohol. Add it to the mix and she had a temper that could rival most vampires. Damn it. Not what I needed tonight.

Lafayette just shrugged and followed Tara inside. Sam greeted me with a hug as well and whispered, “She’s had a lot going on. Her Mom and all.” I nodded in understanding. Tara had been seeking refuge at my house from her alcoholic mother since we were kids. I felt selfish in thinking it but I really wished that she’d chosen a different night to drown her sorrows.

Sam stiffened suddenly and looked at me intently. At first, I didn’t understand but his hand was still touching me so I caught on to his thoughts. “She smells of a vampire, but its not Bill. I wonder what’s going on. She needs to get away from those . . .”

“Why don’t you head on in Sam?” I’d heard enough of his thoughts.

As Sam released me and headed inside, Jason was exiting his truck. “Hey Sis. It looks like everyone’s here. Can we get a move on? I got stuff to take care of.”

He was just hell bent on ticking me off tonight, but instead of letting him set off my temper I decided to find out what was going on. “What were you and Amy arguing about?”

Jason had been heading in the door but he whipped around to face me. “Now that’s just none of your business and you stay out of my head you hear!” With that declaration, he went to join the others in the living room.

I stood on the porch for a minute longer. I needed to steady my nerves and solidify my courage. This had to be done. Like Eric said there was no delaying the inevitable. Oh Gosh, I was already quoting Eric. I guess that would probably become inevitable too. What a difference a day makes! I laughed a little before closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. When I opened them, I could see Pam standing at the tree line. She gave me a short nod that I returned before entering my home.

Lafayette and Tara were on the couch while Jason and Sam had each chosen one of the flowered armchairs.

“Alright Hooker” Lafayette stated leaning back into the couch and gesturing with his arm. “Out with it”

I remained standing as I felt like most of us would be standing by the end of the conversation anyways. Again I took a deep breath in order to get started.

“Okay. I have a lot to tell you and the first thing I need is your promise that you will let me tell you everything and hear me out before you go ballistic on me.”

“What has that vampire done now Sook? We’ll kill ’em for you.” Tara drunkenly demanded.

“Tara, I just said that before I told you anything you needed to promise to hear me out. That means no comments.”

“Well, you know he’s . . .” she started but Lafayette placed his hand on his arm.

“Bitch. Just shut your mouth and let ‘er tell us.” Tara glared at him and crossed her arms. “Go on. I’ll keep her drunk ass in line.”

“And you two?” I ask looking at Sam and Jason.

“I’ll listen” Sam stated and Jason just nodded.

“Okay then.” Again, I took a deep breath. “What I’m going to tell you is going to make you angry. Its going to make you think I’ve lost my mind or been manipulated. Neither of those things is true. You are not going to want to accept what I tell you and you are going to think I’m an idiot. You are going to try to change my mind but know that there’s nothing you can say or do that will achieve that goal. I know all of these things about how you will react and I expect it.”

I surveyed them all and Sam’s eyes seemed to be the only ones that were truly considering different options for what may be coming. Since he was a supe that probably made sense. Jason just looked confused and Lafayette had to silence Tara to keep her from speaking again.

“So, I haven’t brought you all here to let you try to change what’s coming. I’ve brought you here because you need to hear it from me and I want you four to know the reasons and the story. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, but you are my family and I love you more than anything. You have accepted me more than anyone else ever has in this town. Having said that, when the night is over you may all decide that you want nothing more to do with me.” I couldn’t help it and my voice wavered a little.

Sam looked like he was going to try to say something comforting but I just put my hand up to silence him.

“Before I tell you about what happened last night, we need to talk about my telepathy.” Everyone stiffened. They knew it existed but we never discussed it unless I slipped and heard something I shouldn’t. “I know we don’t really talk about it but it’s important that you all understand how it is for me in order to understand some of the decisions I’ve made.” I paused and they all seemed to be ready to listen. “I hear and see everything. Every errant thought, every secret, every horrible fantasy, every crime, and every dream. Its all there laid open for me like a book without me even trying. I actually have to work really hard not to listen. Its exhausting.” I looked at each of them again and they seemed to be trying to understand.

“There are a very few people that are harder for me to read, but its not enough that would make any difference in the way things are for me.” I gave a quick meaningful glance to Sam and he seemed to understand the implication. He wasn’t happy with it either.

“The things you take for granted will never be possible for me. I will never get married.” Sam started to interrupt again but I shot him a look. “Imagine hearing everything that your partner is thinking. No one says everything that’s on his or her mind and that’s how it should be. Everyone needs their privacy and time to consider what they are saying and how to react to those around them. But when you hear everything a person is thinking before they have time to filter through it, some horrible and hurtful things just slip through their mind. They don’t really mean anything by it but it happens. Even though I know this, when I hear some of those things, I can’t help but be hurt by them.”

“I thought you could block us Sookie.” Jason asked quietly.

“I can most of the time when I’m not touching you, but if I’m tired or emotional then all bets are off. That’s usually when I slip.” A couple of them nodded at that comment. “But can you understand how I’ll never be able to get married or have children? I would never be able to have an intimate relationship with a human because touching makes the thoughts louder.” I paused before mumbling. “Trust me I’ve tried.”

“I don’t need to hear that.” Jason said embarrassingly.

“You do because it’s important.” I chastised him. “The next thing you need to understand is how it’s dangerous for me.”

Tara was about to start in on another vamp rant but Lafayette stopped her again with a glare and I gave him a thankful nod.

“I know that you want to place all the blame on Bill and vampires, but have you ever thought what would happen to me if any humans with power found out?” They all looked shocked at the thought and I had to shake my head. “You haven’t, have you? I have. Many, many times. Gran and I used to talk about it too. It’s been my reality since I was born. It could be terrorist or our own government who want to use me as a spy or lie detector. Or worse, maybe our government would think I was a national security risk and lock me up because let’s face it – I am. I could meet any government employee and find out pretty much anything I wanted by asking a question or two. Even if they refused to answer verbally, the thought would go through their minds and I’d have my answer. People wanting money could use me in Vegas or to get insider information for stocks. The list goes on and on. Even though you all know I would never do any of those things if I had a choice, everyone has their weaknesses and breaking points and I have no real way to protect myself. Do you understand the danger?”

“Damn Sook. Why didn’t you ever mention this? We could have been more careful.” Jason asked. But his mind was different, “Heck, I never thought about Vegas. Fuck. So, not the point Stackhouse.” At least he kicked himself for that thought. Sheeze Louise.

“There was nothing to be done. I am what I am and I am not perfect. People suspect but I rarely acknowledge it and this is a small town so that gives me some protection. Still, it was bound to happen eventually that someone found out. I’m surprised it took so long.” I sighed. “The point I’m trying to make is that my future can never be the happy ending with a husband and a family and the white picket fence that every small town dreams of having. On top of that, I am always in danger of being used by someone – human or otherwise.”

“Before I move on, do have any questions about my telepathy or the risk and drawbacks that are a part of it? Do you understand the position I’m in right now?” I wanted to make sure they understood this part as I was hoping they could see some of the positives of me being turned into a vampire. As I looked at each of them, they all shook their heads showing that they didn’t have any questions. I think they were actually a little in shock but I had to move on. It was only going to get worse.

“Now, I’m going to tell you about last night. At least, I’m going to tell you as much as I can and it should be enough for you to understand. I just can’t tell you all the details of the vampire way of life that I have witnessed.” I looked at them all to make sure they understood before I began my story.

“Last night I was required to go with Bill and the other vampires to find out about Bill’s punishment. Bill had broken a vampire rule to protect me so he had to be punished according to their rules. When all was said and done, the decision was that he had to make a new vampire and they brought out a young girl for him to turn.” Everyone gasped but Sam. Knowing he was a supe, I assumed he understood a lot more than the others and could read between the lines.

“I stood there listening to the girl’s thoughts. She was only seventeen and she didn’t want to be turned. She just kept thinking about her family, friends, and the boy she liked. She kept praying and wishing that she’d get to grow up and have kids and get married. It was heartbreaking.”

“I told you they were all killers Sookie.” Tara interrupted.

“Tara, there are bad vampires just like there are bad humans.” I sighed. She started to argue again but I stopped her. “Stop it. I still have a lot to tell you.”

“Bill tried to ask for another punishment but there was no budging. The girl pleaded to be let free. I felt so guilty listening to her and watching her. I was going to have to stand there and watch this girl die and lose her future. I grew more and more guilty as I thought about why she was there. If Bill had not broken the rule to protect my life, she wouldn’t have to die. She would never have been there and she would still be with her church group or home safe in bed.” I swallowed before I continued. “And then I thought about the fact that she would be staying with Bill as his child and I would have to see her everyday knowing that I was a part of the reason she lost her human future. I would have to live with that guilt for the rest of my life.”

Sam jumped up out of his seat, “Sookie” he pleaded, “tell me you didn’t do something stupid. TELL ME that you didn’t!”

“Sam Merlotte you will sit down or you will leave.” I demanded looking him in the eye. I really did appreciate his concern since it was a valid one but I needed to get through this.

Jason decided to take his turn breaking the rules. “What’s he talking about Sook?”

Sam tried to answer but I interrupted, “Sam you shut your mouth. This is my story.” Sam sat back down in his seat but I could tell he was seething.

“Jason, I’m getting there. Try to be patient.” I said soothingly. I decided to take a quick peak in everyone’s mind to see if they had any idea where this was going.

I wish she’d get to the point. Amy and I need to. . .

Knowing this Hooker, she did something to help the girl. Damn, what kinda troubled she get into.”

I’ll kill all those bloodsuckers if they hurt her. Lafayette would help me.”

I couldn’t really get a read on Sam other than “She wouldn’t.” So, he may have figured it out.

“As I was saying, I was standing there powerless and about to watch this young girl lose her future dreams that included becoming a teacher, getting married, and having children. A future that was well within her grasps if she stayed alive and a future I would never have. Because my life was saved, she was going to lose hers. How could I live with that guilt? How could I let my life mean more than hers when she would lose so much more than I ever would?” I took one more deep breath.

“I couldn’t. So I offered them a deal.” No one moved and I sensed their tension. I didn’t want to hear their thoughts. “If they would let her live and go home safely, then I would take her place.”

“What the fuck?”

“No way in hell!”

“Are you crazy bitch?”

“I won’t let it happen”

They were all on their feet and yelling. I don’t know who said what because it was a chorus of shouts. I fought every instinct in me to be sure that I stood my ground and didn’t back up.

Before I knew it Tara had me by the shoulders and was in my face, “What has gotten in to you? First, you let them start using you like a takeout menu by drinking your blood and then they force you to help them with your mind readin’. Now, you want to be one of them? You told me about those bastards at Bill’s that disgusted you. Is that what you want? To think about nothing but sex and blood? To be a monster? For us to be scared of you?”

“Tara, girl. Back off a little.” Lafayette placed a hand on one of her arms to pull her back away from me.

“They’ve done something to her. Our Sookie would never do this.” Tara yelled at Lafayette as he pulled her further back.

“Now, you know our girl has always been the one to save every stray.” He said to Tara before turning to me, “but Sook have you really thought about what this means. I mean shit.”

Before I could answer, Sam interrupted. “No. Tara’s right. This isn’t Sookie,” Sam said stepping in front of me to take Tara’s place. Fleetingly I noticed that Jason had fallen back into his chair and placed his head in his hands. “What do they have on you Chere? We can help you get out of this. I can stake Bill during the daytime and this will all be over.”

For shifter, he didn’t seem to understand vampires very well if he thought that staking Bill would help anything. If he did that, he would just be in trouble and it wouldn’t change anything else. But I guess it was time to finish my story and spring the Bill issue.

“Bill won’t be my maker.” I stated evenly. “And even though I doubt I’d mourn his final death very much, your staking him would not help the situation any.”

Everyone just looked at me dumbfounded for a moment. Finally, Sam asked the ten million dollar questions. “Why wouldn’t you care? And I thought it was Bill’s punishment?”

I hadn’t said the words out loud before so I was fighting against myself to remain calm as I told the story. However, I did have to look away from their questioning eyes. I was ashamed that I was fooled so easily and I knew they would all feel they had the right to tell me that they told me he was no good.

“While everything else was going on last night, I also found out that the only reason Bill came to Bon Temps and the only reason he was with me was for my telepathy.” I heard a couple of groans and sharp intakes of breath. “Somehow he found out about it. So he seduced me and worked his way into my life. Eventually, the plan was to give me to someone else so that they could turn me and he would be rewarded. He admitted this last night in front of everyone.”

“That lying bastard. I will kill him.” Jason said hatefully. “Is he home, Sook?” Without waiting for me to answer, he turned to Sam. “You comin’ with me?”

“Both of you just stop.” I yelled exasperated. “Bill’s not home. In addition to losing me, he also received another punishment and won’t be released for at least two weeks.”

“I hope they torture and stake that devil.” Tara spit out.

“They won’t stake him but rest assured that it’s painful.” Funny how that thought didn’t bother me. Not for the first time, I realize I was a bad Christian.

“So, who’s going to do it then girl?” Lafayette asked.

“The person in charge offered me to Eric Northman and he accepted me as I accepted him. He owns the bar in Shreveport.” I rushed this out so there wouldn’t be any interruptions.

“The Sherriff. Are you fuckin’ kidding me?” Sam’s face was contorted in anger now. I’d never seen him like this. “Absolutely not. He’s a power hungry, womanizing, asshole, and I will not let him ruin you. I don’t care what you agreed to. I won’t let you do it.”

Ok, anyone who knows me knows better than to think they can tell me what I can and can’t do (I guess Eric is the exception now but I couldn’t help that). My attempt at controlling my temper was forgotten and my stubborn independent streak took over.

“Now, you listen here. This isn’t your decision and you have no rights to tell me what I can and cannot do.” I yelled in his face. “I told you from the beginning that you all have no choice in this matter other than whether you ever want to see me again when its all over. So, if you don’t like it Sam Merlotte, then you know where the door is.”

Tara grabbed my shoulder and turned me around to face her, which left my back to Sam. “So that’s it Bitch? We’ve been here for you through everything and you just gonna up and walk out on us. That’s what we mean to you?” she asked angrily.

“Aren’t you listening? I’m changing. That’s true. But once I’ve adjusted we can still be in each other’s lives. You are the ones that have to make the choice if you can handle being around me once I’m a vampire.” I was getting tired of this back and forth.

“Sook” Jason walked over to stand beside me. He had been uncharacteristically quiet. “I . . . We’re the only one’s left. So soon after Gran . . .” Before he could say anything else, Sam interrupted again.

“Don’t worry Jason. We’re not going to let this happen. This isn’t our Sookie. We won’t let them take her.” He said determinedly.

“Damn straight.” Tara added.

“Jesus Christ. I’m sick of fighting with you two. You’ve said your piece and I’m clear on where you stand. I still need to talk to Lafayette and Jason.”

“There’s nothing to talk about because it’s not happening.” Sam growled.

“That’s it. I want you both to leave.” I said with my hands on my hips. They were past any reason and I couldn’t take anymore from the two of them. I was so angry that I couldn’t even feel the sting of rejection.

“What?” Tara asked.

“You heard me. Its time for you to go.” I looked at both Tara and Sam with sadness in my eyes. “Once you calm down, you can reach me by calling Fangtasia if you ever want to see me again.”

“Fine. You’re right. It is time to go.” Sam stated defiantly while looking at Tara. “Tara, get the door.”

Tara didn’t look back at me as she walked towards the door and she didn’t turn when Lafayette called her name. Once she opened the door and turned back to wait on Sam, I felt my self being lifted and thrown over a shoulder.

“What in the hell are you doing?” I yelled at Sam as I hit at his back and he walked towards the door.

“Taking you away until we can figure out how to stop this madness.”

“Sam, I think you better put my sister down.” Jason was trailing behind us but I could hear the conflict in his mind. He wasn’t sure what to think. I was actually really surprised by his reaction so far but I didn’t have time to think about it as Sam was walking down the steps.

“I’m warning you Merlotte, take your hands off me before you get hurt.” I yelled at him.

“NO!” he growled back at me.

Before I could say another word, I was on my bottom on the ground and Pam had Sam by his neck against the side of his truck. I was having flashback to my own predicament with Pam earlier in the night.

“You should have listened to her Mutt.” Pam hissed at Sam with her fangs down.

“Get your hands off him you bitch” Tara yelled as she ran at Pam. I knew Pam could take her but I didn’t want Tara to get hurt and I also didn’t like someone attacking Pam – I’d have to think about that later. Before Tara reached Pam, I grabbed her arm and threw her on the ground.

“Don’t be an idiot. You will get yourself killed.” I yelled at her as she looked up at me from the ground. Eric’s blood made throwing her on the ground a little too easy.

“So, you are already siding with them against us. Well, fuck you Sookie Stackhouse.” She spat as she stood up and got in my face. I have to admit that the anger towards me that showed in her face hurt me deeply.

“Its not about sides Tara. It’s about you acting like a fool and me trying to keep you from getting hurt. And even though you couldn’t hurt her, I don’t want you attacking Pam.” I was trying to regain some composure. I sighed. “Just get in the truck with Sam and leave.”

“Well, it seems like your new friend intends on having him for dinner.” Tara was seething.

“Eww. I don’t eat dog.” Pam said disgusted. “He just needs to learn his place and stop manhandling my sister.”

“What? She’s my sister.” Jason said confused.

“Perhaps.” Pam said as she opened Sam’s truck door and pushed him inside while closing it behind him. “But she will be mine soon. We will share a maker.”

“No you will not. You can’t have her.” Tara was yelling as she started towards Pam again. I really wished that she hadn’t been drinking tonight but it probably would have gone the same way regardless.

Before Tara took more than a couple of steps, Lafayette had picked her up with his arms around her waist. She kicked and screamed the whole time but he pushed her into the passenger side of Sam’s truck and slammed the door.

“You twos get outta here and calm the fuck down.” Lafayette ordered.

“This isn’t over bloodsucker.” Sam said as he backed out of the driveway.

“I’m going to go wash the stink off my hands.” Pam stated before she went into my house.

Lafayette was still staring down the driveway where Sam had driven away but Jason had walked back over to the porch and sat down on the stairs. I decided to join him there and I hoped that the yelling was over for the night.

“Hey big brother. You’ve been awful quiet.” I said in a hushed tone as I wrapped an arm around his waist and placed my head on his shoulder. We’d been fighting the past few days about Gran’s murder, vampires, and Bartlett, but right now those things had to be pushed to the side.

“God Sook. I don’t know what to say. So much has changed in the past couple of weeks and we’ve lost so much.” He sounded overwhelmed. “I want to be angry and go help Sam figure out a way to stop you. I really do.”

“But?” I prompted because I could hear that there was one coming.

“Well, I never thought of all the danger you were in. Honestly, I’m a bad brother but I wanted to ignore that you were different and just hope that one day you’d find the right guy and I’d be an uncle.” He turned his head to look at me and it was almost as if it was the first time he’d really seen me. “But that’s never going to happen is it?”

“No Jase that was never going to happen.” I said sadly.

“And you are really okay with that?”

“I don’t know if okay is the right word.” I sighed. “Sometimes life is what it is and you have to accept it. Make the best that you can with it.”

“I’m the man of this family. I should protect you.” I could tell he was feeling like a failure. “Gran’s gone and you’re all I have.”

“Jason. If we had dozens of family members left, they still wouldn’t be able to protect me from everyone that would want to use me.” I paused and placed both my hands in my lap as I mumbled. “I won’t really be gone unless you don’t want me around.”

Jason closed his eyes and grabbed the hand that was resting in my lap. “You’re my sister. Vampire or not.”

I couldn’t help it. Tears started falling down my face. Of everyone, I was sure that Jason would be the angriest. To say I was shocked was an understatement.

“Well, you know you’ll always be my Bitch. Now you’ll just be my kick-ass bitch.” Lafayette said while joining us on the steps and grabbing my other hand.

“Thank you. I love you both.” I whispered.

The three of us just sat there in silence for a couple of minutes. I was trying not to focus on the hurtful words that Sam and Tara had said or the fact that they may now hate me forever. I was trying to revel in the two men who sat beside me and would accept me even after I was a vampire. I wasn’t going to lose everything and that comforted me. Suddenly, there was a little bit of weight lifted off my shoulders.

However, I then remembered my other assignment of the night. I had to talk to Jason about V. I hope this didn’t take away from the moment we just shared. I hadn’t felt this close to him in years.

“Jason,” I decided to start out gently with a question that was bothering me a little. “Just a couple of weeks ago, you really hated vampires. I’m a little surprised by how well you’ve reacted. Has something changed?”

He stiffened for a second and seemed to think about it while looking out into the woods around my house. “Well Sook, I think it’s like you said. Its possible that there are some vamps that ain’t that bad.”

That answer surprised me. “Have you met more vampires Jason?”

For some reason he seemed to be getting nervous, “Well, I . . . I guess I did go to that vamp bar once.”

I had to laugh. I already knew that he’d been there but it was still a funny idea to me. “I can’t imagine you in Fangtasia Jason, but I already knew that you’d been there.” This was the best way to get to the conversation that needed to happen.

“You did?” He looked surprised and a little worried.

“Yes, Pam and Eric told me.” I turned a little to face him more. “And Jason we need to talk about that.”

He stood up and was clearly getting agitated by the conversation. “What about it? I went and hung out for a little bit and that’s where I met Amy. We left not long after.”

I decided to bite the bullet. “They know you are doing V.”

“Shit” Lafayette whispered.

“Damn Sook. Did you tell them?” He accused me. “They’ll kill me.”

“No I didn’t tell them. How could I? I didn’t know that my brother was drinking vampire blood. Is this about Amy? Did she get you started on this?” I was on my feet and getting angry myself.

That’s when I heard. “Fuck. Stackhouse better not sell me out. I hope they don’t know about me too.”

“Lafayette, you too?” I shrieked.

“Damn girl don’t listen to me.” He said standing up

“I can’t help myself when you’re thinking so loudly.” I was so annoyed at these two. Did they not know how dangerous this was? “What’s wrong with you two? Do you have a death wish?”

“Look who’s talking.” Jason grunted.

“Not the same.” I gritted back thorugh my teeth. I took a moment to reign in my temper and got back on track. “Look. Here’s the deal. They know you’re doing V Jason and I was told in no uncertain terms that you need to stop immediately or you would be punished and that being my kin would not give you an open ended free pass.” I turned to Lafayette. “I’ll try to do the same for you but you have to stop.”

Lafayette nodded but what I heard from him was different than a simple agreement. He was a clear broadcaster. “Damn I’m going to lose money but with Eddie gone I don’t have a supplier anyway.” I gasped.

“Lafayette what do you know about Eddie?” The question was out of my mouth before I could think and Pam was suddenly on the porch.

Lafayette backed up away from Pam and answered quickly. “Nothing. I don’t know anything.”

Pam started to take a step towards Lafayette but I stepped in her path. “Lafayette, just tell me.”

He looked around at all of us before confessing, “Look, he was into it. We had an arrangement. He enjoyed himself and he supplied me with V. That’s it.”

“Then where is he now?” Pam asked stiffly.

“I don’t know.” Pam started to step towards him again. “No, No!” he said backing up. “I really don’t. I went back over for another session but his door was open and it looked like there had been a struggle.” He paused before saying softly, “I think someone took him.”

Shit. Shit. Shit. I hope they don’t figure it out. I’m dead. Amy made me do it. I didn’t want to hurt Eddie. He seems like an alright guy. I’m trying to let him go but she . . . “

“Jason Mitchell Stackhouse! What have you done?” I yelled at him as I turned to face him.

Suddenly there was a soft “whomp” sound as Eric landed beside Jason and towered over him.

“Yes, Stackhouse. What have you done?”



One response

  1. You have a real talent for dialogue:
    ” “Didn’t I tell you earlier that you needed to start finding more pleasurable ways to ruin your clothes?”

    “Well, I’d love to Pam but this blonde, bad-ass vampire chick didn’t really give me any options.” I was glad we were able to move past what happened earlier and get back to our easy banter.

    “Would you like other options now?” Pam asked showing a little fang. ”

    No surprise that tara and sam were against it.

    December 20, 2011 at 5:24 PM

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