Chapter 7

Eric and Pam were on their feet before I could blink, but then – nothing. As I looked at them, it appeared that they were unable to move at all. Me? I’d barely had time to comprehend the fact that someone had appeared out of thin air. I never even thought about trying to move.

“Now, Now Viking. First rule of peaceful vampire-fairy relations – no attacking the fairy.” The intruder said with a small smile and . . .WAIT – fairy?

Before I could contemplate meeting my first fairy, my thoughts were drawn back to the scene in front of me as I watched the stranger’s arms spread in a peaceful gesture, “As you can see, I could easily stake you now as you are unable to move, but I have not done so. Therefore, I am obviously not here to harm you. So, can we agree with rule number one?”

The stranger must have partially lifted the force holding Eric in place since I saw him nod his head curtly, but Eric’s eyes still held murder. Anyone who has ever met Eric should know that he hates being at a disadvantage and I would also guess that he hates surprises.

“Good. Good.” The fairy responded and with those words, Pam and Eric seemed to be freed. Pam growled slightly but a warning glance from Eric had her facial expression back to its normal look of boredom. “Rule number two, no one outside of this room must ever know I was here.” With rule number two the trespasser showed the first sign of aggression as the friendly tone of voice that started the encounter was replaced with a voice of steel.

“I don’t take kindly to fairies popping into my office unannounced and imposing rules on me and mine.” Eric growled menacingly.

“Understandable but it was unavoidable.” The stranger shrugged and then sighed, “I’d hoped to avoid any involvement at all but its better that I’m involved than the Prince.”

I thought I saw Eric stiffen before he looked thoughtful and asked, “I have seen you with the Prince before, at the peace accord that ended the last war, but I didn’t get your name.” He added carefully. “Who are you?”

“I am Fintan. The Prince’s son.” As he introduced himself, he produced a wooden chair out of thin air and had a seat in front of Eric’s desk with his chair slightly turned towards the couch were I was still seated. “So, are we agreed with the rules so that we can move on? I cannot stay long. It is too dangerous.” His proclamation and seated position seemed to lessen the tension slightly. Therefore, after Eric nodded again in acceptance of the fairy’s terms, he and Pam slowly resumed their seats. There were a few moments of silence as Eric continued to regard the visitor so I took that time to scrutinize the first fairy I’d ever met and compare him to Eric’s description.

He was about six feet tall with blue eyes and long, straight blonde hair that was flowing freely to the middle of his back. He was muscular but in an understated sort of way – not like a body builder or anything. I would guess that he was about 30 or 35 years old and he was dressed in khaki pants, a navy blue button-down shirt, and brown leather dress shoes. He really looked like any normal human male except outrageously handsome. But if he was a fairy . . .

“I thought fairies had pointed ears?” Oops. I didn’t mean to say that out loud and I immediately blushed. But, as soon as I noticed his ears were round like a human’s the words just tumbled out.

Eric shot me a look but Fintan laughed loudly and good-naturedly. “That’s very true of full fairies.” He answered me before looking at Eric and raising an eyebrow, “I, on the other hand, am half-human.” And something about his tone seemed ominous.

Eric’s eyes were still on me until Fintan’s last declaration. When he declared himself half-human, Eric’s eyes widened and were immediately locked with the Fairy’s. The two of them seemed to be having a silent conversation that I really wished I understood.

“Is that so?” Eric finally asked with a flat tone.

“Indeed it is.” Fintan answered without inflection. “So, Viking. Have you done the math and figured out why I’m here?”

After a moment, Eric answered in the same flat tone as before, “She is yours.” I noticed Pam stiffen beside me.

“That she is.” was his only answer. It sounds crazy but I was just starting to comprehend that I was the “she” they were talking about. Hey, I’d had a long couple of days. I couldn’t be expected to keep up with everything with the break-neck pace we’d been going for the last . . . wow, had it really only been twenty-four hours.

Before, I could build up my steam to yell at them for talking about me like I wasn’t there and like I was a possession, Eric handed out another whammy, “So she is of the Royal line?”

“Very true.” The fairy answered.

What the hell? It was bad enough to be talked about like I wasn’t here and like I was something to be owned. Now, I was not only a telepathic, part-fairy, but they expected me to believe I was somehow royalty. A small town barmaid – royalty. Seriously? And who the hell was this guy anyway to say ‘I was his.’

Laugh, cry, or get angry? I didn’t need to think about it. I was on my feet in the next second.

“Can you both stop talking about me like I’m not here since it’s obvious that I’m the ‘she’ in question?” I’d chosen anger.

“Sookie, sit down.” Eric barked at me.

“The hell I will.” I responded and I ignored his growl as I stepped towards my self-proclaimed relative. I was betting that Eric wouldn’t actually do anything to me with my supposed fairy relative in the room. “Who do you think you are showing up in here saying that ‘I’m yours’? I don’t know you and I’ve never heard of you. I know my family line back four generations and there is no mention of a Fintan. Eric’s told me that I have fairy blood and I suppose I have to accept that but why should we believe that it comes from you?” Before he could respond, I added, “And if it is from you, then why come forward now and not sooner?”

Infuriatingly enough, Fintan had started smiling at the beginning of my angry speech and his smile just continued to grow until I finished. That just made me madder.

“And why the HELL are you smiling?” I yelled and I would have taken another step towards him but Pam grabbed by arm and pulled me back down on the sofa.

“You are so much like Adele.” He laughed and my jaw dropped. “Oh, I know that she got better at controlling her anger as she got older and only directed it to where it was needed, but she was a hellcat when she was younger. She could get in my face and have me backing up several steps with just words alone.” He smiled reminiscently before adding forlornly, “It was one of the many things that made me fall in love with her.”

My grandmother? He was in love with my Gran? Was he implying that she . .

“So, you had an affair with her grandmother?” Eric interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes. Her husband was unable to give her the children that they both so desperately wanted.” He turned to answer Eric.

“You’re lying.” I said angrily. I wouldn’t listen to lies about my grandmother. “She would never cheat on my granddaddy. She was an honest woman and I won’t listen to your lies about her.” I knew my grandmother and, like me, she was loyal to a fault.

“Sookie” he said soothingly. “Her husband wanted children as badly as she did and he was carrying an incredible amount of guilt that he was the reason that they couldn’t have children. An illness from his childhood prevented him from giving life to another.”

“Are you trying to say that my Gran cheated on her husband and lied to him about her children to make him feel better?” My voice was gaining volume with ever word. No one insulted my family. I tried to get up again but Pam’s hand on my arm held me still.

“No, I’m saying your Grandfather gave his permission.” My jaw dropped again and I knew my eyes showed my shock and anger, but before I could start yelling again he continued. “I don’t have time to go into the whole story and I’m sorry for that, but after meeting Adele I was taken with her almost immediately. I visited her on a friendly basis for weeks and found out about their problem. I finally resolved myself to speak to her husband. I knew she would never leave him but I did love her and wanted to give her want she wanted.” He looked thoughtful and then continued, “I suspect his guilt was part of the reason he gave his permission but he did give it to both of us. His only condition was that he not recall my involvement. I was easily able to grant his request with a little magic. After the initial agreement, he never knew that Linda or Corbett were not his blood.”

I couldn’t comprehend what he was telling me. It rocked the foundation of so many beliefs about my family and my life. How could I believe this stranger’s story over a lifetime of love and memories with my family? I would have known. I was a telepath for goodness sake. OH!

I could tell that Eric was about to change the subject but I wasn’t done or convinced. “If what you are saying were true, I would have heard my Gran think about it. You can’t tell me that she wouldn’t have thought about you or fairies at all for the last 25 years.” I said defiantly and I could see Eric raise his eyebrow, as he too seemed interested in Fintan’s explanation.

Fintan looked a little sheepish but proud as he said, “Guilty” before I could take that to mean that I was right and he was lying, he clarified. “Right after your aunt was born, it became too dangerous for me to interact with your family, but I placed wards of protection over you all and I kept watch. Once I saw that you were telepathic, which was around the time you were two, I visited Adele. Telepathy isn’t a fairy trait but I knew that once you were older you would learn the secret of your family’s background from her mind. I asked if she wanted you to be able to see it or if she wanted me to shield her thoughts.” Then he gave a little self-satisfied smile. “It was tricky but I worked some magic to only hide her thoughts of fairies and the origin of her children.”

I was deflated. What more could I argue? And even if I could, I’d lost the energy to do so. I was starting to feel numb again so I just slumped back in the couch and stared off into space.

Eric took the opportunity to start his own line of questioning. “So, the telepathy isn’t from her fairy side. Do you know were it comes from?”

I had noticed from the corner of my eye that Fintan had been studying me with a look of concern on his face. However, he turned back to Eric to answer his question. “I was curious as well and I traced back several generations on all sides of her lineage. It turns out that seven generations ago one of her mother’s ancestors was a natural witch.” My eyes flew back to Fintan and Pam actually let out a small laugh.

“Sissy you are such a supe mutt.” Pam said with a smile.

Fintan didn’t appreciate her humor and he turned to glare at her with glowing eyes and a severe face. “DO NOT INSULT MY BLOOD VAMPIRE.”

Pam stopped laughing and her fangs snapped out as she stared back at the fairy.

“Pamela. Retract your fangs.” Eric commanded and immediately Pam relaxed back into the couch beside me.

“She meant no real offense. They both enjoy prodding each other whenever possible.” Eric said as a means to diffuse the situation and I thought I could help a little. Afterall, she seemed to be right about me being a mutt.

“Don’t worry Grandfather.” I was being the southern belle now so I decided to lay it on thick. “Pam’s really a big fan of Dear Abby but I intend to introduce her to Ms. Manners. Together, we’ll get her all straightened out.” My joke worked and he started laughing but I got a downright terrifying glare from Pam – which I chose to ignore.

“I’ve heard tales before that natural witches were often telepathic but isn’t that a rather remote relation?” Eric was trying to get us back on track.

“Yes but I’m guessing that the combination of the magic she carries as a part-fey with the essential spark awakened that part of her genetic makeup.” He explained. “But I really do need to get back to the reason I’m here.”

“Which is?” Eric asked as he straightened up.

“To answer your questions about turning my granddaughter thus removing any reason for you contact my father.” He explained.

Eric looked shocked and skeptical. “You are not here to interfere with her change?”

“She has agreed and I will not force her to break her word.” Fintan answered firmly. I guess this was the whole ‘fairies always keep their word’ thing that Eric told me about earlier. To be honest, I hadn’t even gotten around to thinking about the possibility that I had an ‘out’ to the whole vampire situation.

“And why is it that you are keeping this from the Prince?” Eric was suspicious and I have to admit that I was too.

“Vampire, it’s very complicated but know that it is simply too dangerous in the Fae realm right now for anyone but me to be involved in Sookie’s life. Truthfully, I have already been here too long tonight and cannot explain further at this time. I can visit Sookie tomorrow while you rest to explain more and she can convey it all to you.”

“Absolutely not.”

“You think you can keep me from my blood?” Fintan challenged with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

“She will be in my home and I will not have a fairy in my home while I rest.” Eric argued.

“Well, then you shouldn’t have her in your home.” He laughed. “A fairy can find their relatives anywhere. I could have popped into your kitchen when you rose at first dark if I wanted, but I thought you would find that more offensive than your office.”

Eric stiffened at his declaration before asking, “Then what’s to keep the Prince from getting involved?”

Fintan shrugged and said, “He doesn’t know she exist.”

“But you said . . . ” I started but he interrupted.

“I’ve used magic to shield you and your family for years. It magic that only your bloodline can invoke, but I’ll explain more of that tomorrow as well.” Turning back to Eric he explained. “I am the only fairy that can find her and obviously I mean you no harm.”

“It doesn’t seem that saying no will mean anything to you.” Eric growled between gritted teeth and Fintan appeared to be trying not to look smug. My fairy relation was really pushing his buttons and I have to admit that I was enjoying it a little bit. “Can I assume that you will mask your scent while in my home and be gone before I rise?”

He laughed. “Noticed that did you? That was a nice little piece of inherited magic from my father – masking my scent. Comes in really handy around your kind.” He smiled as he stood up. “No scent and don’t overstay my welcome. I can agree to those terms.”

“And the answer to my questions?” Eric prompted as he stood as well.

“There have not been many with Fae blood that have been turned. They are usually drained.” He added the last part grimly before continuing, “Each of the few occurrences that I’m aware of have turned out differently. However, I know that Sookie’s fae blood will not prevent the change.” Fintan waved his hand and the chair disappeared. “To be fair though, I should tell you that she could be just like any normal vampire or her fairy spark could translate into additional powers once she’s turned.” Great. I could be a freak as a vampire too.

“Really?” Eric said with a smile as he appraised me. “Like what?”

“There are many possibilities but I must go. I will pass them along tomorrow.” Turning towards me, he bowed his head slightly. “Granddaughter, I will see you tomorrow at 2PM.” And with a ‘pop’ he was gone.

Eric walked around his desk and leaned against the front of it with his arms crossed and his legs stretched out in front of him. “Sookie, do you have any other supernatural relatives that I should know about?”

“Your guess is as good as mine.” I mumbled.

“Just know that I draw the line at sharing a bloodline with anyone who has shifter or Were blood.” Pam shuddered with disgust.

“We’ll then, I’ll see if I can dig up some old werewolf ancestor just to annoy you.” I quipped back.

“Enough.” Eric stated while he reached for his jacket. “We are running out of time due to our visitor. We need to leave or Sookie will be late to her meeting.”

With Eric’s declaration, the butterflies returned to my stomach as I remembered what my night still had in store for me. It had been such a long night already. Were supernatural’s lives always like this?

I followed Pam and Eric out of the office and into the parking lot behind Fangtasia.

“Pamela, keep things in line and don’t let her do anything impulsive.” Eric commanded with a glare in my direction. “I will meet you there once I finish at Eddie’s.”

Eric started to walk towards his corvette but I had one more question, “I can tell them the whole story, right?” Normally, I wouldn’t give a hoot what Eric wanted me to do or not, but I didn’t want to say anything that would end up putting my friends in danger.

Turning back towards me, he advised, “Don’t mention specifics about our hierarchy or laws but you can tell them that you made the decision to help another.”

I was hesitant to ask the next question, but it would come up. “They are going to ask about Bill.” I stated while looking at the ground.

“Explain that he betrayed you and only wanted you for your skills but no mention of the Queen.” Well, that was brutal and it hurt badly. I couldn’t really voice an acknowledgement to his order so I just nodded. I think he must have felt my reaction to his statement and he looked like he was about to say something else. However, his cell phone rang at that moment and he pulled it out to look at the display.

“Hon hörde Slutligen verkar det” Apparently Eric didn’t want me knowing what was going on. As if the language wasn’t enough, they were talking very fast. Both of those things were going to get old quickly.

“Det tog längre tid än du förväntade dig?” Pam responded.

“Ja, det kunde betyda många olika saker” Eric seemed thoughtful as he continued towards his car. “I will see you in Bon Temps later.”

With those words, Eric got into his car to answer his phone and go to Eddie’s house while Pam and I got into her minivan and headed towards what I was fearing would be a showdown at the Stackhouse corral.


Hon hörde Slutligen verkar det – “It seems she finally heard”

Det tog längre tid än du förväntade dig – “It took longer than you expected.”

Ja, det kunde betyda många olika saker – “Yes, That could mean many different things”



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