Chapter 31

Instantly I felt happiness and excitement flooding my bond with Eric, and as soon as Godric closed the door behind Isabelle my Maker was speaking.

“You are coming to Louisiana?”  Eric stepped forward slightly as he questioned Godric.  I swear his emotions felt like a child on Christmas morning.

“Yes, Eric.”  Godric answered with a small smile of indulgence before becoming serious once again.  “You have an angry Queen and an obsessed vampire knocking at your door, and I would expect several other vultures to begin circling as the news of your uniquely talented child spreads through the supernatural world.  I feel my place, for now, is close to my bloodline.”

Eric bowed his head deeply.  “We will be honored to have you.”

Godric nodded in acknowledgement before turning his attention to me.  “What concerns you?”

Damn emotions.  I needed to get better control of them if everyone and their Maker were going to be feeling them.

I took a deep breath before speaking.  “I’ve had an eventful week.  Once I adjust to one change, two more seem to pop up.”  I shrugged.  “It’s just a lot to take in.”

Of course I also wondered what it would mean to me that Godric would be coming to Shreveport.  Would he be living with us?  Would he be able to order me around like Eric can?

Godric nodded his head once in acceptance of my response, but I knew I hadn’t fooled him.  His next words proved me right.

“You have recently been betrayed by someone you trusted completely.”  His tone was soft but his eyes were intense.  “I cannot expect you to trust me so quickly and neither should my child.  However, I tell you now that my bloodline has my allegiance and protection above all others until my final death.  Regardless of who those may be that threaten you, Eric, or Pam, they will not succeed.”

As I looked into Godric’s eyes while he spoke, I could see his honesty and commitment.  I could also see the predator that lay in wait for any who would challenge him or his bloodline.

Unexpectedly, I felt safer.

In an act of pure instinct, I bowed my head deeply as I whispered a soft, “Thank you.”

I immediately felt Eric’s pride flood through my veins and, when I allowed my eyes to travel upward again, I saw that both he and Godric were smiling.


A few hours later, Eric and I were on another chartered flight headed back to Louisiana.  Our departure from Texas had been relatively uneventful.  We packed up our few belongings, Eric contacted the Queen with an update, and Godric left us with a nonchalant ‘I will see you soon.’

The only interesting occurrence from the last few hours was Eric’s phone call with the Queen.  Of course, he hadn’t told her anything I didn’t already know, but she had a few words to share with him.  Specifically, we were ordered to appear in her court the following night.

I was thrilled.

As seemed to be par for the course, I was again stuck thinking about different possible scenarios and ‘what ifs.’  I had hoped, after the scene with the Magister, the Queen would back off of us some, but I had only hoped.  I knew better than to truly expect it.  She didn’t seem like the type to ever give up.

I found myself sighing unnecessarily and sinking further into my seat while peering out the window.  Was it too much to ask for a single day not filled with anxiety, intrigue, turnings, or rescue missions?  Just one day that I could use to try and simply sit, relax, and really try to comprehend all the changes in my life and my body?  Of course I had that wonderful day on the beach on the day of my turning, but so much had changed since then.

I gave my self a slight shake to bring myself out of my downward spiral.  I was starting to feel overwhelmed, and it was putting me on the precipice of a downward spiral toward depression that I refused to visit.  I was stronger than anyone knew and I wasn’t going to wallow.

With my backbone back in place, along with my Stackhouse stubbornness, I forced myself to concentrate on the Queen again.  What was her purpose in having us come to court?  What would be expected of me?  What would be expected of Eric?

I couldn’t help the worry that built with each question that passed through my mind, and I started to worry more when I remembered Eric could feel my scattered emotions.  Would he think I was too weak for this life?  What would he do if he did?

With those questions blaring loudly in my mind, I remembered I could use our bond to see what he was feeling.

Determination, fondness, confidence, anticipation, mirth

I felt my eyebrows furrow of their own accord as I felt his mix of emotions.  He didn’t seemed to be worried at all about the Queen, and I could help but wish that I had the ability to read his mind, so I could understand his emotions in that moment.

When I glanced at him I was slightly startled to see him looking at me with a devilish grin on his face.

“When we are alone, you can ask me what I’m thinking or feeling Sookie.  You don’t have to rely on your interpretation of my emotions.”

If I could have blushed, I would have.  “You can feel that . . . I mean . . . when I try to see what you are feeling?”

He nodded.  “Normally it takes a new vampire quite some time to be able to find their Maker’s emotions and differentiate them from their own.  I don’t know if it’s our bonded status or your telepathy that has allowed you to do it so early, but I’m impressed.”

I couldn’t help but smile shyly from the praise.  It made me realize how much I wanted to make him proud.

I’m not sure when that happened.

Without another word, Eric reached over and pulled me up to straddle his lap before putting one finger under my chin and holding it up so I was meeting his gaze.

“What were you looking for, Ms Stackhouse?”

For a second, I was worried that he was angry.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t do it.  I guess it’s rude?”

Eric shook his head, as I was speaking, “No.  It’s not rude, and you can do it anytime.  However, until you know me better, you may end up causing yourself a lot of confusion by trying to interpret my emotions with such a limited knowledge of how I work.  That’s why I told you to ask if we are alone.  This way you will start to know the thoughts that are causing the emotions.”

I nodded slowly and he continued.  “There may be times that I won’t tell you everything, but trust me to have a good reason for that and do not push too far.”

His voice was a little sterner towards the end and I understood that he was giving me leeway, but that I had limits I needed to respect.  “I understand.  Thank you.”

He smiled softly before tucking my hair behind my ear.  “Now, what were you looking for?”

“I was worrying about the Queen and what she wanted from us during our trip to court.  I couldn’t stop obsessing over it and then I wondered if you were worried about it too.”

“Did you feel any worry?”


His only response was to nod.

After a moment of playing with one of the buttons on his shirt, I looked back up at him.  “Can I ask why?”

He shrugged easily.  “There’s nothing to worry about.”

I looked at him as if he’d lost his mind and waited for him to explain.  When he didn’t, I huffed in annoyance.  “Is this arrogance?”


“Then what is it?  Why aren’t you worried?  What am I missing?”

“Knowledge and experience.”  He responded seriously while teasingly tugging on my hair slightly.

He was such a contradiction.

“Please explain?”  I asked with a slight whine in my voice.  I was too tense and worried to enjoy his antics.

“Tell me what you are worried about.”

“She could take me.  She could hurt us.”  I bit my bottom lip lightly.  “She could order us to do horrible things.  She could hurt someone else I care about.”

“Is that everything?”

I thought for a second and ran through all the horrible scenarios that had been playing through my mind on a loop before I nodded.  “Yep.  That about sums it up.”

“The Authority has backed my claim as your Maker and your Mate.  They have also limited her control over us by ordering her to allow us to stay in my area as her Sheriff, instead of living in her court.”

“What does that really mean though?  What if she decides to disobey them?”  I had only met her once but she seemed deluded and power hungry enough to do it.

“Since you are my bonded child, I have the right to protect you against any aggression by other supernatural beings.  As my Mate, you have the right to protect me against any aggression by other supernatural beings.  These laws apply to every being regardless of their position.  No one is allowed to interfere with a bonded, mated couple.  Not even a Queen.”  Eric paused for a moment and I knew he was giving me a chance to ask questions.

“I still don’t understand how that helps us.  If she’s willing to go against the Authority then surely she wouldn’t care about this law.”  I was so confused and I couldn’t wrap my head around what he was trying to tell me.

“No.  She wouldn’t.”  He agreed.  “But if she tries to interfere or overstep, then we are justified in retaliating.  The Magister and the Authority have supported our bond, and mating, publically.  It would be impossible for them to punish us if we had to end her.”

“End her?!  We’re going to kill the Queen?” I was shocked.  “What would that mean?  Would you be King?  How would things change for us?”

Too much.  It was all too much.

“Shh.”  Eric soothed me as he rubbed his hands lightly up and down my arms.  It was an uncharacteristically sweet gesture and I found my self instantly relaxing.  “I am not planning on killing the Queen nor do I want to, but make no mistake; we can and will end her if she threatens us or tries to interfere with our relationship.”

After a few more strokes of his hands down my arms, he continued.  “As for what would change, we would become King and Queen.”

I felt distaste in his voice so I took a page from his book and cocked my eyebrow.

“I have no desire to rule a state.”  He admitted unashamedly.  “I enjoy having my little piece of Louisiana and only being involved in politics as much as I have to be.”

“Do we have to take over if we kill her?”

“Unfortunately the Authority would require it.”  Eric replied before tilting his head slightly and adding.  “Unless Godric would accept the role.  Since he is my Maker, that would be acceptable to them.”

“Would he do it?”  I asked hopefully.  I really couldn’t see myself as a vampire Queen.

“I don’t know.”  He shook his head and seemed to be deep in thought.  “I would offer it to him though.  Either way, however, we would still be more involved in politics than I’d like as I’m certain he would want me to be his Lieutenant.”

We were both silent for a few moments as we were lost in our own thoughts. For only a second, I started to feel guilty about the possibility of killing someone.  However, I had to admit to myself that if it came down to me versus the Queen, or someone I cared about versus the Queen, then I’d end the Queen every time.

My Gran may have taught me to be a good Christian, but she also taught me to stand up and fight for my family and myself.  After all, she didn’t keep a shotgun in the house for decorative purposes.

After smiling slightly at a random memory of my Grandmother carrying a shotgun, I decided we’d been quiet long enough and I endeavored to get us back to the conversation.

“So, if she threatens us, attempts to hurt us, or interferes in our relationship, then the plan is to kill her.”  He nodded.  “How?”

He smirked at me.  “I’m twice her age and strength.  Plus, we have your new weapon.  We will have to start practicing with it soon.”

I balked slightly at the reminder of the destruction my light was now capable of, but I had to admit he was right.  If I had this deadly power, I needed to know how to use it.  I didn’t want to accidentally kill someone if I got angry and didn’t know how to control myself.

“Okay.  So, I won’t say I feel better since our plan is to kill someone, but I guess I feel less worried.”


“What is the plan if she tries to hurt someone else we care about, or orders us to do horrible things?”

He sighed.  “That’s trickier.  Technically, she is our Queen and we are bound to obey her or we will be punished for treason.”

“That doesn’t sound good.”  Just when I start to feel a little hopeful about the outcome of this mess, he has to rain on my parade.

“I said technically.”  The corner of his lip turned up slightly.  “However, we have an ace up our sleeve.”

“Yeah?  What?”  I asked.

“Godric.”  He smiled.  “He is not sworn to the Queen and I know he will refuse to do so.  As my Maker, he can overrule any of her commands, and she has no recourse to punish us.  A Maker has full rights to their children unless they’ve been released.”

This sounded promising, but I still had doubts.  “Couldn’t she order him from her state?”

“Yes, but she won’t.”  He grinned evilly.  “Godric will simply tell her that he will take his entire bloodline with him from Louisiana.  As I said, he has full rights as my Maker and she isn’t old enough to present any real threat to him.  No, the Queen will back off rather than risk losing her Sheriff and the new resident telepath.”

That brought a full smile to my face.  “You really are diabolical.”

He leaned toward me and as his lips brushed softly against mine he whispered “You know you like it” into my mouth, before soundly pressing his lips into mine.  Our lips quickly found a slow, sensual pace and before long my chest was pressed firmly against his.  One of his hands made it’s way slowly up to tangle into the hair at the base of my neck, while the other firmly gripped my ass as I ground into his ever growing erection.

Breaking away from our kiss to slowly nibble and kiss down my neck, Eric husky voice went straight to my core.  “Are you feeling better now?”

“Mmmm.”  I hummed with my head thrown back to give him more room to continue his journey.  He was working me into a frenzy with his hands and his mouth.  I didn’t realize until that moment how much I’d missed the physical contact with him, and it had barely been 24 hours.  I was already addicted to him and, at the moment, I couldn’t find a reason to be upset about it.

Trying to gather my wits, I asked, “What about the crew?”

Eric stopped his journey south, which was just reaching my chest, and leaned back slightly to smirk at me.  “Why, Ms. Stackhouse, what exactly do you have on your mind that would require the absence of the crew?”

I should have been embarrassed, but I just wasn’t.  I knew it was something I shouldn’t want by proper social standards, but anyone who says they are not turned on by the thought of having sex on a private airplane is just plain lying.

So, instead of being embarrassed, I answered his question by starting to unbutton my shirt.  I didn’t lose eye contact with him as I raised an eyebrow.  “The crew?”

Eric’s fangs snapped down and my stomach muscles clenched.  “Won’t bother us until it’s time to land.”

I slid the shirt off my shoulders and allowed it to fall to the ground behind me.  Still holding eye contact, I reached to the clasp on the front of my bra while I ground a little more into his groin.  “Was there a reason you gave them that instruction?”  I asked as my bra sprung open and I let my arms fall to the side, so it would slide down my arms and back.

Eric leaned forward and licked a long, wet trail between my breasts to the base of my neck.   “I need to feel the pulse of my mate’s body as it clenches tightly around me.”

His words and actions were too much for me and I moaned loudly while grabbing his hair with both hands.  I pulled his mouth to mine intent on devouring his mouth, when suddenly I was sitting in the seat with Eric kneeling in front of me.  Before I could protest the loss of his mouth against mine, he had pulled up my skirt, torn away my panties and threw my legs over his shoulders.

I’m not sure if I was truly unashamed or simply too lost in the pleasure to care about what the crew heard, but I was unrestrained in my vocal appreciation of Eric’s talented tongue.  He licked, sucked, and teased me until I screamed out my release.  A small part of me wanted to fall back into my seat and enjoy the jelly like feeling invading my body, but the larger part was desperate to feel Eric inside of me.

Forcefully pushing Eric into the seat opposite mine, I stood and licked my lips as I looked at him.  His eyes were dark with lust and his chest was rumbling softly with a growl that had me dripping.  Again, I maintained eye contact as I reached down to unbuckle his pants and pull them down his legs.  As usual, he was going commando, and I was momentarily diverted from my original plan as I thought about tasting him.  As if he could read my mind, Eric pulled me onto his lap.

“I can’t wait another moment to feel you.”  He growled into my ear as he quickly thrust into me.

Our mutual cries, growls, and moans filled the cabin as we kissed, stroked, and bit our way into the most intense orgasm of my life.

As we came down from our high, I leaned my head on his shoulder and he softly ran his hand up and down my back.  Surprisingly, I found myself feeling incredibly happy for the first time in my life.

Sure, I’d been happy before but there always seemed to be something waiting to take it all away; so I never felt secure in it.  I knew there were a lot of things about the last week or so that I could be unhappy about and there was a lot threatening my happiness now.  Somehow though, I had developed a strong faith that Eric would protect us.

Beyond that, I also knew that Eric would never leave me.

I now had more stability in my life than I’d ever known.

Somewhere in my mind, I knew there was still a lot I didn’t know about Eric and I was sure I wouldn’t like some of it.  However, when he was really with me, he was just my Eric.  As long as I had that, then I knew everything else would be okay.


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  1. Mary

    So glad to see this. A delightful chapter. I’m glad Sookie came to the realization that her life was more stable than it had ever been, and she has advocates who will always be there for her.

    March 2, 2012 at 11:28 AM

  2. Ashensunset

    I love this story! Can’t wait to read more. I love that Godric is the trump card! It’s great to see how she’s acclimating to her new situation.

    March 2, 2012 at 11:40 AM

  3. Duckbutt

    Can’t wait for SA to be put in her place. And yes, Godric would make a “right king”….

    March 2, 2012 at 11:59 AM

  4. Thank you for integrating the bloodline concept. The logic is very appealing.

    March 2, 2012 at 12:09 PM

  5. Chelle

    Great chapter! I love that Sookie is comming to realize that she has a real and true family there for her now and that she has people on which she can rely.

    I can’t wait to see what the queen is up to; what she thinks she can get away with, and how Eric and Sookie (and Godric) put her back in her place!

    Always looking forward to the next update!

    March 2, 2012 at 12:10 PM

  6. kathy79

    The way you write them is perfect and I am so glad that Godric will be in LA with them. The more Godric the better! Thanks for the update. Kathy

    March 2, 2012 at 12:49 PM

  7. It’s great that he’s so old and has do much experience dealing with people like the Queen. I think she’ll force his hand though.

    March 2, 2012 at 4:41 PM

  8. Minna

    I so want to join the mile high club… Lucky sookie!

    March 3, 2012 at 12:53 AM

  9. VAlady

    This has become one of my favorite stories. You have taken great care to slowly build their relationship and trust in each other, a perfect lead in to her being turned. How different it would have been if she had chosen Bill instead of Eric as her maker.

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    Thank you for the story. Enjoyable as always.

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  11. Gemma C

    I love this story, it’s clever, sharp and unlike some fictions, nothing seems too rushed or too OTT. I hope Sophie-Ann gets her cumuppance for her devious ways, and Bill too as i’m not a fan of Compton. i hope there’s a lot more Godric in the story, True Blood sadly didn’t explore that side of Eric and Godric very much and i like reading Godric fic- i also like the way Godric and Sookie interact in this story thus far
    Patiently awaiting the next update,

    March 5, 2012 at 2:41 PM

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