Chapter 24

When my eyes popped open at sunset, I was confused for a couple of moments and it caused me to feel very anxious.

“Shh.”  Eric soothed me as he smoothed back my hair with his hand.  “The first couple of risings are disorienting but you will adapt quickly.”

“I don’t remember . . .” I stopped, unable to say the words.

“Dying for the day?”  He asked evenly and I nodded in response.

“Then my distraction worked perfectly.”  He said with his trademark smirk before becoming serious again.  “Newborns often worry about the first time they go into their daytime rest.  I decided to keep you distracted last night.  Now you know it isn’t painful or anything to be worried about.”

“I don’t feel groggy or anything.  It’s like I’ve been awake for hours and already had coffee.”

“We are fully functional from the moment the sun sets until the moment the sun rises.  There is no need to spend time ‘waking up’ as we are instantaneously alert.  We are only groggy if we fight the pull of day, but you will not be able to do that for many decades.”

“Oh.”  Elegant response, I know, but I didn’t know what else to say.

“Come.  We need to shower and get ready for Fangtasia.”  He ordered as he walked over to the mini fridge in the corner of the room.  “You may have two bags of blood to curb your thirst until we get there.”

I drew in a sharp and unnecessary breath.

Fangtasia.  Live donors.  Feeding.

I was shaking my head before I even realized I was doing it.  Eric turned to face me with my meal in his hands and a face etched with determination.

“Sookie, I will be with you the whole time and I will not allow you to hurt anyone.  They will be willing and very thankful that they were chosen to feed my child.”

He handed me the blood and I started to drink it without sparing it any thought.  All of my focus was on what would be happening at Fangtasia.

I would have to choose a fangbanger.  They would be my dinner.  Oh!  My eyes widened as I realized I would have to feed more than once tonight.  Eric said I’d have to feed every few hours!  I was going to have to feed on several fangbangers.  I knew from earlier visits to Fangtasia that they were going to want to be bitten, but I didn’t want to have to listen to their thoughts.  My God!  They would expect to have sex with me!

“I won’t have sex with them!”  I blurted out in a shaky voice.

As soon as the words left my mouth, Eric was standing in front of me and tilting my chin up so he could look in my eyes.

His eyes were blazing with possessiveness.

Interestingly enough, the possessiveness I saw and felt coming from him made me slightly less fearful of the night’s events.

“You won’t have sex with who?”  He asked with quietly heated words.

“Them . . . the fangbangers . . . they’ll want . . . I don’t . . .” Why couldn’t I get out a full sentence!

As if answering my silent question, Eric pointed to my barely touched glass of blood and ordered me to drink.

I did as I was told and I realized how truly terrified I was of feeding off live donors if that fear actually made me ignore blood, but I quickly shook off the thought and drained my glass.

Eric took the cup from me and pulled me into a passionate kiss that left my lower stomach coiled and my fangs extended.  When he pulled away slightly, he leaned his forehead against mine and looked into my eyes.

“You. Are. Mine.”  He said fervently.  “No one else will have you.  I will not allow those vermin to have you.  You will feed off of females.”

“And you?”  I asked before my brain could stop me.

“I do not need to feed tonight.  I will not need to feed for over a week since I drained you only a few nights ago.”  He answered matter-of-factly, as he took my hand and led us to the shower.

“But if you do have to feed?”  Why can’t I shut up?

Again, Eric turned towards me with a severe look on his face.  “Vampires usually enjoy having sex when they feed, Sookie, but it is not a requirement.  I have told you that I will not hurt you in such a way.  You need to learn to trust me.”

I hung my head.  “I’m sorry.”

He nodded and we both proceeded into the shower.  Eric spent the next hour distracting me in wonderfully sinful ways.

Once we were dried and dressed, Eric led me to the living room and sat me in one of the leather chairs that I was beginning to hate.

These chairs seemed to mean I was going to be told something I didn’t like or I was getting punished.  Since I hadn’t done anything wrong – lately – I assumed I was about to hear something I didn’t want to hear.

“What is it?”  I asked nervously.

“We must talk about how you will act at Fangtasia and in public.”

“Oh.”  I said and my shoulders relaxed some.

“Do not disregard what I am about to say, Sookie.  I do not wish to punish you in front of all the vampires at Fangtasia.  However, if you disrespect me there, then you will be punished there.”

My shoulders regained their rigidness, as I nodded for him to continue.

“As I told you before, you do not have to call me Master, as we are bonded.  However, you will not speak unless I ask for your opinion.  If you wish to speak or tell me about something you hear from the patrons, then you will simply ask to speak by saying my name.  Under no circumstances are you to contradict me, yell, or speak without permission.”  He paused.  “Do you understand?”


“You need to respond, ‘Yes, Eric’ when we are in public.”

“Yes, Eric.”


“Compton will be there this evening and he may attempt to bait you in any number of ways.”  I tensed up further.  “You will stand quietly by my side unless I give you permission to speak.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Eric.”  I answered before continuing.  “Will I be allowed to confront him?”

“I will need to assess the situation first, but you will have your time to face him in the future even if it is not this night.  Also, I will be announcing you in the bar tonight as my bonded child.  As such, the vermin and the vampires that owe me fealty will call you Mistress.”

I opened my mouth to argue but Eric made a small motion with his hand and I struggled to keep my words to myself.

“This is how the vampire world works, Sookie.  I am their Master and as my bonded child, you are their Mistress.  You must accept this.”  He ordered before continuing.  “Only Pam may call you by name since you are sisters.”

As I nodded in resignation, Eric came forward to pull me up from the chair.  “Have I told you that you look ravishing tonight?”

I smiled.  I had specifically chosen the short wrap red silk dress to fit Eric’s personality.  It was sexy, but fun.

“Thank you, Eric.”

“Come.  We need to get to the club.”

The closer the corvette got to Fangtasia, the more nervous I became.  Fangbangers, feeding, Bill, and the ‘rules’ were all swirling around in my head with none of them really winning the number one ‘freak-out’ spot.  I was worried about all of them equally.

What if I drained someone?

What if Bill tried to take me away for the Queen?

What if I messed up and broke Eric’s rules?

So many questions were flying through my mind that I didn’t even notice when we arrived at Fangtasia until I felt the car stop.

“I believe you will need to feed before we go out to the floor for the announcement.”  Eric stated as he placed the car in park.

“Maybe I could wait. . . “

“Do we need to have this discussion again, my child?”  His tone was all the warning I needed.

I did my best to steel my nerves and accept the calm I could feel flooding Eric’s side of our bond.  “No, Eric.  I know I need blood.”

“Good.”  He exited the car swiftly and came around to my side to open the door.  “It will not be as bad as you think.  I dare say you will rather enjoy it.”

I mumbled.  “That’s what I’m worried about.”

Of course, he heard every word and wasn’t about to let it pass.  With one hand under my chin, he stared into my eyes as he spoke.  “You are vampire, Sookie.  You must feed and there is enjoyment intrinsic in your feeding.  This is what you are.  You must accept it.”

“I don’t want to think of them as food.”

“These vermin make themselves food.  It’s comparable to a cow freely choosing to enter a slaughterhouse.  These humans come here to be our meals.  Save your respect of humanity for those whom are not determined to be cattle.”

We stood staring at each other for an unknown amount of time as I considered his words.  I could hear the heartbeats of some of the humans inside and it was making my thirst reach a new peak.  My fangs were itching to descend and my throat felt parched.

I needed blood.

I was a vampire.

They wanted to feed me.

I thought about Eric’s comparison to cattle and I couldn’t help but begrudgingly agree with him.  The people who came to the club knew that vampires owned the bar and that they wanted human blood.  Yet, they chose to come and offer themselves up on a platter.

Should I feel guilty for accepting their offer?  Was it so wrong to give them what they wanted while getting nourishment for myself?  Why should I be so afraid of enjoying a meal when they would enjoy being bitten?

“Are you ready?”  Eric finally asked.

I sighed because I didn’t think I would ever truly be ready.  I still wasn’t a hundred percent okay with what I was about to do, but I felt more at ease with the situation.  No, not at ease.  Resigned.  That was a more appropriate word.

“Sookie?”  He prompted.

“I’m ready.”

With a quick kiss to my forehead, Eric took my hand and led me to the back door.

The moment we stepped inside Fangtasia, Eric dropped my hand and even though I understood he was in Sheriff mode now, it still hurt.  Eric must have felt it because he sent me what felt like affection through the bond.

I couldn’t help but smile a little.  It was the first time I’d felt more than calm, pride, lust, or desire from him and I welcomed it.

Before I could think anymore on the feelings in the bond, however, we were in Eric’s office and Pam was following us in.

“Look who made the front page of the Shreveport News.”  Pam said as she tossed a newspaper onto Eric’s desk.

Before anyone could say or do anything else, I was picking up the newspaper and reading a headline a third of the way down the page.  “Small town woman becomes vampire child of local businessman.”  Below the headline was a picture of me smiling at the camera and wearing my Merlotte’s work t-shirt.  It looked like a picture Sam had hanging in his bar. 

“Charming picture.  Don’t you think so?”  Pam taunted me.

I looked her dead in the eyes and deadpanned.  “I can fly.”

When I saw the shocked look on her face and her mouth hanging open, it was hard not to stick my tongue out and say na-na-na-na-bo-bo.

Finally, she smirked, “Liar.  Even if you could, you wouldn’t know yet.”

I raised my eyebrow and smiled.  “Ask him.”

One look in Eric’s direction and Pam knew.  Her facial expression went from gloating to pissed off in less than a second, and she started to storm out of the office.  However, Eric had other ideas.

“Pam.  Report.”

She stopped a foot from the door and seemed to collect herself before she turned around with her normal bored look on her face.

“Compton is already here demanding to see Sookie, the Magister’s people called to confirm his visit tomorrow, and the bar is at capacity due to the article because everyone wants to see your newest child”

My fangs were down by the end of her first word and they were throbbing by the time she stopped talking.  I was thirsty and angry and felt more out of control then I ever had.  I was scared.

My voice quivered slightly as I croaked out, “Eric?”

I could smell the humans in the club and I wanted to . . .

I locked my jaw in place and froze my muscles.  I refused to continue that thought.

“Pam, bring back a clean and experienced female.”

I saw Pam raise her eyebrow at his words but she left without further comment and Eric was standing in front of me with his hands on my shoulders.

“Your emotions and hunger are closely related.  You must learn to calm your emotions or they will increase your thirst.”

I nodded but anger, fear, and want were coursing through my body.  I tried to focus on Eric’s eyes instead of my emotions but then desire was added to the mix.

The door suddenly opened and Pam pushed in a pretty, brunette woman who was slightly taller than me, before she left and shut the door.

My attention was immediately drawn to her neck.  She had worn her hair up and I could clearly see her jugular vibrating slightly as her blood rushed through her veins.  I inhaled and smelled blood, baby powder, alcohol, and lavender soap.  I started to step toward her but Eric held me still and the woman decided to take a step towards my maker.

I growled.

That got her attention and she took a step backwards.

“Sookie, stay where you are or I will command you to do so.”  Eric warned me before releasing my shoulders and turning to face the unknown woman.

“My new child must learn to feed.  Are you willing to be her first meal?”  Eric asked the woman, and I was absolutely certain he was only asking to make me feel better.

“I’m her first?”  The woman preened happily.


Oh my god!  Did I just think that?

“Yes.”  Eric answered her.  “You may sit on the couch.”

The woman smiled hugely and moved to sit in the middle of the couch.  Eric came over and took my hand to lead me to the back of the couch.

Fear started to creep into me again as I realized I was really going to bite this person and drink their blood.

But want began to build up, and my fangs descended as I continued to breathe in her scent and hear her heartbeat.

Eric edged me over to stand behind the woman and he stood with his chest to my back while guiding my left hand into the woman’s hair and slightly pulling her head to the side.

Instinct took over.

In an instant, I leaned over her exposed neck and bit.  She may have squealed in surprise but I’m not entirely sure.  All I knew was the flow of warm, rich, wonderful blood into my mouth.  It pulsed onto my tongue and I sucked greedily as I tried not to spill any of the amazing liquid.

It was entirely different from the bagged donor blood Eric had been feeding me.  It tasted like life itself and it was exhilarating. Nothing else mattered to me but getting as much of the essence as possible.

I was still sucking greedily when I felt Eric lean over me and place his mouth to my ear.  “I want to push your skirt up and drive myself into you over and over again until you can’t think about anything else but my . . .”

I didn’t need him to say anything else.  I removed my fangs from their meal while simultaneously taking one hand to pull my skirt up and the other one to tear off my underwear.

I heard a zipper and Eric’s husky voice ordering the woman to leave.  The moment the door was closed behind her, he entered me and I screamed out at the welcomed intrusion.  I braced my arms on the side of the couch and rode the tidal wave of my maker’s passion.  I was so turned on that it only took moments for me to reach my first peak and within seconds Eric had me moved and spread out on his desk.  He unwrapped my dress quickly while growling, “I want to see you.”

I reached up and grabbed his shirt to pull it over his head but ended up ripping it off instead.

I didn’t care.

Eric’s hands came up to tease my covered breasts while his hands pulled my butt up off the desk to dive into me deeper.  My head fell back and my eyes rolled as he continued to pound into me.  Suddenly, he bent over and bit deeply into my shoulder and I yelled out at the top of my lungs begging him not to stop as I climaxed harder than I ever had in my life.  The sheer force of my moment was enough to push Eric over the edge and we collapsed together onto the desk.

“You are amazing.”  He whispered reverently as his head rested on my chest and my hand brushed through his hair.

“So are you.”  I panted out before realizing I didn’t need to pant anymore.

“Do you have any idea how arousing it was to watch you sink your fangs into her?”  He spoke against my skin as he slowly kissed his way up to my mouth and licked my fangs.

I almost came undone with that single action, but then I considered his words.

I sat up abruptly and he followed me, still buried inside me, as he straightened up in front of me.  “We almost had sex with that girl in here!”

“No, we didn’t.  I waited until she left.”  He said calmly as he moved my hair from the side of my neck.

“But you . . .” I started before I moaned as he nibbled at my collarbone.

“I became overwhelmed by watching you and decided that distracting you would be the easiest way to get you to stop before you took too much.”

“Oh.”  I whimpered as he pulled back and started slowly thrusting into me again.

I could practically feel him smirking against my skin as he answered.  “Yes.  Oh.”

Deciding to repay my maker for his attentions, I pulled his hair to bring his head back so I could whisper in his ear.  “Sit on the couch.”

Eric quickly placed his hands under me and carried me with him to the couch so that I was sitting on his lap.  Slowly I began to move so that I was riding the full length of him.  I leaned over him and sliced my tongue on my fang before kissing him.

I wasn’t in control for long.

Eric groaned loudly as our tongues met and my blood flowed into his mouth.  His hands on my hips became insistent as we both moved at inhuman speeds towards our climaxes.  Right as our moment blessed us both and we screamed out in release, I barely registered the sound of the door opening.  However, I was too blissed out to care and I leaned into Eric’s chest without looking over my shoulder to see who had entered.

I just assumed it was Pam.

And I was right.

Sort of.

“I told him he had to wait but he refused to listen.”  She drawled.

“I suppose he overpowered you.”  Eric said evenly as he petted my hair.

Before I could turn around, I heard the Southern drawl I’d decided to hate.  “Sookie?”

With vampire speed, I stood up off Eric and retied my wrap dress so that my body was covered before facing my lying ex-boyfriend.  I took one moment to look at Eric and saw the reminder flash in his eyes.

I was not to say or do anything.

“Sookie.”  Bill said again as he stepped further into the room.  “Darling I’m so sorry.  I’ll figure out a way to help you.”

“Help her, Compton?”  Eric challenged as he rose off the couch in all his glory.

“How could you order her to have sex with you?!  Have you no decency?”  Bill yelled.

I punched him in the face.

As he straightened back up and looked at me in surprise, I stared angrily into his eyes as I said evenly.  “Don’t insult my maker.”


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