Chapter 4


I could feel Sookie’s turmoil through our bond as she waited outside.

She was a strong and proud woman, and the story of the events leading up to her turning caused her to feel great shame and uncertainty.  She did not like having her perceived weaknesses displayed in front of Eric and Pam.

I understood her feelings, as misguided as they may be, but some of the details had to be shared in order to ensure the rest of our family does not fall victim to the Fellowship.  I will not share more than I must.

I am proud of her for how strong she has been since those horrible nights.

“I will share some of the events that led up to Sookie’s turning, but other details are only hers to share, if she wishes to do so. I will not violate her privacy and neither of you will push her in any way.”  I said sternly.  I would be unyielding on this point as Sookie was still hurting emotionally and psychologically from everything that happened recently.

I would not allow them to cause her more pain by pushing her regarding what happened in Racington.

When they both nodded in response to my warning, I continued with the story of how I met Sookie.

“The night I arrived in Racington, I quickly realized the town was overrun with the Fellowship; there was propaganda posted everywhere.  At the first business I entered, I was immediately recognized for what I was and told I wasn’t welcomed.  I announced to the crowd that I was looking for a missing vampire, and told them my cell phone number before I left.”

Before I continued on with the story, I took a drink of my Royalty Blend and Pam took that opportunity to speak.

“Sookie worked there?  That is how you met?  Pure coincidence?”

When I put my bottle back down, I nodded my head as I continued the story.  “I noticed her when I surveyed the crowd because she was the only one not wearing a disgusted or hateful expression.  Her expression was more worried than anything else.”

“She was afraid you were really there for her.”  Eric countered.

“Yes, I believe so now that I am aware of what she was running from.”  I agreed.

“I noticed you seemed surprise by her revelations in my office.”

“I have not forced her to speak about her past, since she had so much more to deal with from her turning.”  I explained.  “I was surprised that your paths had crossed, but we can discuss those details later.”

Eric and Pam both dropped their heads.  They knew I was not happy that Sookie had to run away from Area Five, in order to feel safe.  If she was an asset in his area, then she should have been protected, not fearful.

Deciding to take that point up with Eric later, I continued with my story.

“A few hours after leaving the bar, I received a call from a woman who told me a female vampire was being held at the church.  She spoke in a very hushed tone, and so fast that I wouldn’t have understood it without my vampire hearing.”  I explained.  “Before I could ask her anything, the call was disconnected.”

“Realizing the call may have been a trap to get me to the church, I decided to call back the number on my caller ID and ask the woman to meet me elsewhere.  However, an angry male answered the phone and told me ‘my fangbanger would pay but I was welcomed to come watch.’”

“They took her for making the phone call?”  Pam asked.

“Yes, but I didn’t know it was the same woman from the diner yet, or how she knew about the vampire being held captive.  However, I did recognize the male’s voice as the owner of the diner.  He was the most vocal of the group when I was kicked out.”

“You went to the diner instead of the church?”  Eric guessed.

“Yes, I did.  However, they were waiting for me, and they brought women and children with them.”  I shook my head disgusted with their methods. “I choose to surrender myself and look for an opportunity to free myself, and the females later.  I assumed they would put us all together.”

“Master, they could have staked you.”  Eric said.

It was true.  My actions were not well thought out at the time, but I was growing weary of this life and I had stopped thinking, as a vampire should.  By the time I had arrived in Racington, I had more or less decided to meet the sun after freeing Isabelle.

“I know, my child.”  I agreed with a long look to convey my meaning.

He seemed to choke on his words for a moment when he asked, “You were willing?”

“Eric, I had lost my willingness to fight.”  I said in response.  “Worry not, however, as I have found much to keep me here since that night.”

“I am relieved, Master.”  Eric said softly and Pam nodded her head in agreement.

“I know.”

After a moment of silence, Pam moved the story along again.

“Did you meet Sookie at the church?”

I closed my eyes for a moment at the memory before answering.

“Yes.”  I said shortly.  “They beat her both before and after I was chained in the basement with her and Isabelle.”

Pam and Eric both hissed.

“While we were there, I learned her name was Ann.  It was several days before I found out her real name.  She told me she had heard about the vampire they held and she wanted someone to help her.  I didn’t know at the time she meant she heard their thoughts.”

“How long were you there?”  Pam asked.

“Two nights.  I woke on the third night to find myself at the King’s home.  I checked in with him when I entered the state and he ordered me to check in every other night with my progress.  When I didn’t check-in, he sent investigators who took Isabelle and I from the church.”

“And Sookie?”  Eric asked although I think he had already guessed my answer.

“They left her.”  I sighed.  “The King specifically told them not to spill any blood and to only remove captured vampires.  He was not aware they held any humans.”

“You went back for her, then.”  Pam asked.

“Yes.”  I responded.  “I had been cut and wrapped in silver but the injuries were nothing to me.  The King allowed me to take the investigators back with me.”

“And when you returned to her?”  Pam asked softly.

“The men of the Fellowship were enraged to lose their vampire prisoners.  A few of them took that rage out on Sookie.”  Through our shared bloodline, I felt their hate and anger.

“They had damaged her so badly that you had to turn her?”  Eric asked with disgust.

“No.”  Sookie said suddenly as she revealed herself and stood beside our booth.  “I asked him to turn me the next night when I regained consciousness.”

Sookie sat back down beside me and took a drink of her Royalty Blend.  “While I was in the Fellowship, I decided that I would find someone to turn me if I survived.  I had seen enough of Godric, whilst we were being held, to trust him.”  She paused for a moment.  “Fate had decided that I couldn’t escape the Supe world or the cruelty of radical humans.  I decided I wouldn’t so easily be a victim ever again.”

I was proud of my child.  She had more inner strength than most vampires I’d met in the last 2,000 years.


I wanted them to stop talking about me.  I felt Godric’s pride at my supposed strength; but what I really wanted was to forget about everything that led up to today, and start a new life.

I really wished I had a reset button.

“Are we done here, master?”  I asked Godric, stiffly.  He had told me we were coming to visit his child so we could confirm my gifts, but then we were suppose to be heading elsewhere.

I was ready to move on.  I had learned my brother was now in league with my former torturers, one of my best friends was dead and the other was missing.

I desperately needed to start over.

“I was considering staying in Louisiana.”  Godric said flatly and my reaction was instantaneous.

“NO!”  I yelled.

I was on my back with Godric leaning in closely over me before I could even register being moved.  His left hand was holding me down by the neck while his right hand brushed my hair out of my face.

He was a walking contradiction.

“You will not raise your voice to me again young one.”  He said calmly, and I nodded.

When he let go of my neck, I turned my head to the side and looked away from him.  I wasn’t ashamed of what I had done; I was ashamed at the weakness I was about to show.

“I don’t wish to stay here, Master.”  I whispered, for only his ears, whilst tears welled in my eyes.

He leaned in closely to whisper back in my ear.  “You cannot run from your past, my child.  It will follow you and destroy you.  You must face it.”

A bloody tear escaped my eye before I could stop it.   I clamped my eyes shut harder to prevent any further leakage.

I knew Godric was right, but I did not know if I had the strength left to do what he asked.

“Dawn approaches and it has been a trying night.”  Godric said while offering me a hand to help me up off the floor.  “We will retire to Eric’s and speak further at nightfall.”

“Yes, Master.”  I responded listlessly.

I no longer had the energy to support the multitude of emotions swirling around inside me.  Vampires may have massive strength and we do not physically tire, but I have learned that we can easily become emotionally or psychologically overwhelmed.  That is why Godric keeps telling me I must master my emotions.

I wish it were that easy.

“You will ride with Pam.”  Godric ordered, as we all walked towards the back exit.

I stiffened but replied, “Yes, Master.”

No one else said anything as Eric and Pam turned off Fangtasia’s lights and locked up.  When we reached the parking lot, I silently followed Pam to her blue mini-van without looking back at my Master.

As we drove away, I hoped to go into downtime and avoid conversation.

Of course, Pam wasn’t happy with that plan.

“So, why are you so anxious to get away from us?”  She asked.

I sighed and looked out the window.  “I’d rather not talk about it.”

“Dear Abby writes that avoiding an issue never works.”  Pam stated proudly and I took a moment to look at her as if she had lost her mind.

A vampire that reads Dear Abby!?!

“You read Dear Abby?”  I asked incredulously.

She nodded.  “It helps to understand your prey.”

That would be her answer.

“I’m not your prey.”  I bit out.

“No, you are my Aunt.”  She said flatly.

And I lost it.  I laughed so hard I almost cried bloody tears.

I don’t know why it was so funny to me, but the thought of being Pam’s Aunt was beyond ludicrous.

I finally calmed down enough to look over at Pam and find her smirking at me slightly.  “That’s better.”

“What’s better?”  I replied as I straightened up in my seat.

“You were always full of so much energy and life.  It’s good to see its still in there.”  She answered as we pulled to a stop in a front of Eric’s home.

It looked like any other two story suburban home.  It was red brick with a double story entrance foyer and a chandelier overhead.  Since dawn was nearing, we didn’t have time for the tour and I wasn’t really interested.

I just wanted to be alone.

Eric quickly led us to a stairway that led down from a small kitchen.  At the bottom of the stairwell, there was a keypad and Eric swiftly entered a code, and a heavy iron door swung open.

“Master?”  I asked with an unsure voice.

“Eric, is this the only iron in your underground accommodations?”  Godric asked.

Eric furrowed his eyebrows as he looked from Godric to me, and back again.  “Yes, Master.”

“Good.”  Godric answered.  “You will place Sookie in the furthest room from the door.”

“Yes, Master.”  Eric answered, with an appreciative look in my direction.

He knew.

Eric was a smart guy and I was sure he understood the implications of Godric’s question.

I was sensitive to iron.

Which meant I had to be part fairy.

They were the only Supes that are sensitive to iron.

I hadn’t known that Fairies existed until a couple of nights after I rose vampire.  Godric spent an entire night telling me about other supernatural beings.  Shifters, witches, werewolves, and Fairies among others.

Then he told me that my blood had a slight taste of fairy in it.  I had tried to disagree, but I didn’t have any facts that I could argue with against his insistence.  Eventually, I had decided to let him win the discussion since it wouldn’t change anything.

Or so I thought.

Three nights later, we were feeding in a home in Tennessee, after glamouring the homeowners to give us entrance, when I burned my hand on an iron doorknob.

I was now allergic –for lack of a better word – to iron; the same metal that killed fairies.

The good news?  We tested my reaction to silver and found that it didn’t burn me.  My fairy heritage was also, more than likely, responsible for my vanishing talent.

“Eric, show Sookie to her room.”  Godric’s voice interrupted my thoughts.  “I will be using your office to make some ‘phone calls.”

Eric responded with a slight bow in Godric’s direction, before he extended his arm in a gesture for me to lead the way down the short hallway.

When we came to a closed door at the end of the hall, I stopped and looked back at Eric.

“Go on.”  He urged me so I reached for the door and opened it.

There was a massive bed in the middle of the room and it was covered in a dark brown and black, down comforter.  The room was fully furnished with a dresser, chest of drawers, and a television mounted on the wall.  There were two doors leading from the room and I assumed they led to the closet and the bathroom.

What I noticed most about the room, however, was how strong Eric’s scent was in this room.

“Is this your room?”  I asked as he stepped in behind me.

“They are all my rooms, Sookie.”  He said with a slight smile.  “But if you are asking me if I normally rest here, then the answer is yes.”

“Then you can show me to another room.”  I said as I turned to face him.  “I don’t want to take your room away.”

“Sookie.”  He said seriously.  “Godric ordered me to place you in this room.  It is the safest place for you since you are sensitive to iron.  I do not mind.”

I’m sure my face showed some confusion at Eric’s words.

No jokes about finally getting me into bed.

No comments about having my scent to remember me by once we’ve moved on.

No sexual innuedos.

No leering.


Could it be that Eric would finally stop trying to have sex with me now that I’m a vampire?

Or . . .

“I’m not going to break if you make a joke, Eric.”  I spit out as I walked away from him.

“He worries.”

“What?”  I spat out as I turned back around.

“Godric.”  He answered softly.  “He is a good Maker and he worries often about his children.  He only wishes to prevent more harm.”

“Well, I don’t need to be handled with kid gloves.”  I yelled at him.  “I was raped.  Repeatedly.  And I survived.  I think I can handle a few jokes or perverted come on lines.”

He hissed angrily and for a moment I thought he was angry with me, but then I realized that Godric hadn’t completely confirmed all of the events from the Fellowship.

“Are they dead?”  He asked heatedly.

I stared at him for a moment before I nodded.  He didn’t need to know the details.

He nodded in response before he turned to leave the room.

“Eric?”  I called after him, slightly unsure of myself.  “I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“Yell at me all you want if it helps you at all.”  He said before turning to wink at me.  “But I’d prefer it if you were screaming my name.”

I smiled slightly.  “Goodnight Eric.”

“Goodnight Sookie.”

As Eric closed the door, I started to feel the pull of dawn.  Since I didn’t have any clothes to change into, I quickly decided to borrow one of Eric’s t-shirts.  After putting on a red Fangtasia shirt, I crawled into the massive bed and climbed under the sheets to let death take me; hoping for an easier night when I rose again.


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    I am totally into this story. Godric is a great character, and having Sookie turned by him rather than Eric brings a unique element. I am eager for more!

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  4. Black Dead Orchids

    I have tons of ideas for this one now. I am so excited to get to work. The dynamic between the characters in this story is amazing!

    June 23, 2011 at 11:22 AM

  5. tyesmamaw

    I have to say that I am HOOKED and can’t wait to read more I feel for Sookie but Godric is obviously takin care of her I hope to see Sookie and Eric find their way to each other eventually I think that Godric can see that there are feelings there.

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