Chapter 3

I wasn’t alone in the bathroom for long before I felt my Maker enter, and stand on the other side of the glazed shower door.

“Tell me my child, if a human male drugged a human female in order to bed her, would he be punished?”  Godric spoke in a reasonable tone.

I tried to regain my composure and slow my tears to answer him.  At first, I didn’t understand, but then I knew he was comparing Bill’s blood to a drug.

Finally, I sobbed out.  “Yes, but he wouldn’t be mutilated.”

Godric didn’t reply to my statement.  Instead, he asked another question.

“If a human conspired to kidnap someone, would they be punished when the plot was uncovered?”

I had gained control of my sobbing, and only a few stray tears were falling; so it was easier to whisper my “Yes” in response.

“Sookie, a human would go to prison for the offenses against you. Vampires do not have prisons because time means little to us unless pain is involved. So prison is not a real punishment.”  He paused for a moment before adding,  “The closest we have to a prison is enclosing a vampire in a silver lined coffin and final death is almost preferable to that situation.”

As I exited the shower Godric held up a towel, and wrapped it around me along with his arms.  I had lost most of my modesty where my Maker was concerned but he knew I still preferred to be covered.  It was sweet of him to do so before consoling me.

I laid my head against his shoulder and accepted the comfort he offered with his embrace.  Luckily my bloodlust had been pushed away by my grief, so we didn’t have to deal with that elephant in the room.

“Sookie, you did exactly what any vampire would do and you should not berate yourself for it.”  Godric spoke soothingly.

“How can I maintain my humanity if I’m mutilating people Godric?”  I asked brokenly.

He kissed my forehead and pulled back to look into my eyes.  “You mutilated a vampire, not a person.”

When I started to protest, Godric silenced me with a stern look.  “Humans and vampires are different species, my child.  You must accept this.”

I hung my head and Godric put a finger under my chin to pull it back up.

“We will save your humanity for your interactions with humans.”  He smiled gently before his mouth set into a grim line when he continued.  “Vampire justice requires violence.  I’m not saying it’s right, but it is required for now.”

When I sighed, Godric spoke softly.  “This is what we agreed to, young one.”

“I know.”  I responded.  “But it is harder than I thought it would be.”

Godric smiled gently before motioning to the door.  “Come, let us see if Pamela has found you more clothing.”

I nodded and tightened the towel around me as I followed my Maker back into Eric’s office.

I heard the click of fangs as I entered the room.

“Oh come on.”  I said in an exasperated tone.  “I’m in a towel.  I’m not naked.”

“But oh so close.” Pam purred.

“Enough.” Godric said gently.  “Have you found more clothes for her Pam?”

“Yes, Godric.” She replied, whilst handing me a pair of jeans and a Fangtasia t-shirt.

“Thank you.”  I replied.

“We’ll leave you to change.  Come to the bar when you’re done.” Eric offered.

“I’ll only be a minute.”  I said with a nod as they all left the room.

I entered the bar a few moments later to find the three of them sitting in Eric’s booth with Royalty Blends in front of them.

I noticed that Godric had heated two bottles for me.

I was glad because I was extremely thirsty.  I was a newborn and I had just reigned in my bloodlust after torturing my ex.  So I needed blood, and I needed it quickly.

Especially if I was going to have to talk about my turning.

I had barely taken my seat, and swallowed my first mouthful of blood, when Pam lost all semblance of patience.

“Spill.”  She ordered.

I slowly took another long drink before putting my bottle on the table.  “I’d rather not if you don’t mind.  I think I’ve ruined enough clothes today.”

I felt Godric’s amusement through our child/maker bond and I saw Eric look at him in surprise as he felt it too.

I had already figured out that Godric didn’t find amusement in many things, but I seemed to be able to bring it out in him and I was glad.

Otherwise, things would be very different.

“You know what I mean.”  Pam said drily as she waved a hand towards my body.  “How did this happen?”

“Has your Maker not explained the process?  I’m surprised at you, Eric.”  I said sarcastically.

“Fine.  Let me be specific.”  Pam said nonplused.  “What events transpired that led up to your turning?”

Shit.  I would rather banter.

Godric must have felt my emotions begin to jump around as I thought about my turning, because I felt a jolt of calm come over me through our bond.

“Tell them only what you are comfortable with, my child.”  Godric instructed calmly.

Well, that would be nothing.

But I knew I wouldn’t get away with that.

“Why don’t you start from the beginning?”  Eric offered.  “Where did you go?”

That was neutral enough.

“I went to Atlanta first.”  I offered.  “I thought I could get lost in a big city and avoid vampires, but I was wrong.  I left after one night.”

“What happened?”  Pam asked.

“Nothing.  I just ran into two vampires on my first night and decided Atlanta wasn’t a good way to get out of the vampire scene.  Plus, it was too large of a city for me.”  I explained.

“Where to next?”  Eric asked.

“Kentucky.”  I explained.  “I stayed in Lexington for a couple of weeks without seeing any vampires but I wanted a smaller town.  So, I moved to a little town like Bon Temps called Racington.  It’s about two hours outside of any big cities.”

“No vampires?”  Pam asked.

“Definitely not.”  I laughed without humor and they both regarded me curiously.

I sighed unnecessarily.  “It was more like Fellowship country.  Although I didn’t know that until after I rented my apartment.”

I remember the first day I went out looking for a job.  At three of the five places I applied to for a job, I was asked about vampires.  I knew the question was illegal for them to ask, but I answered in the way I needed to in order to get the job.  It wasn’t a Christian thing to do, but I needed the money, and I wasn’t planning on hanging out with vampires any time in the future.

Oh how times have changed.

After my new vampire family let me stew in my memories for a few minutes, Pam got the show on the road again.

“So, how did you cross paths with Godric?  He still lives in Dallas and you were staying in Fellowship hick town.”  Pam asked.

She has such a way with words!

Godric took over the story at this point.

“My second, Isabelle, was missing.  When I tried tracking down her human, Hugo, he was nowhere to be found.”  Godric explained the situation that caused our lives to become irrevocably intertwined.  “I had all of his financial information reviewed and found that he had visited Racington many times.  Isabelle was my responsibility so I followed the only lead I had.”

As Godric took over the story telling duties, I found myself lost in memories.

Five weeks ago

“Order up, Anne.”  I heard Max call from the kitchen and I walked over to retrieve the hamburger and fries for Mr. Collins’ table.

I had been working at “The Pit Stop” on Highway 24 for about seven months and I got along with everyone really well.  Since I was in better control of my telepathy, no one knew I was different and no one called me crazy.  Max was one of the cooks who worked mostly the same evening shift as me.  He was married with two kids and he was a genuinely nice guy.

He was also the only other person besides me who worked at the diner and didn’t attend the Fellowship church.

Nate, the owner, seemed to be one of the main organizers of the FOTS in Racington.  The preacher, or that’s what they called him, was named Brandon Collins.  He came into the diner every Sunday evening after church and had dinner with his wife and daughter.  Nate would always sit with the three Collins and talk about the evil that is vampires.

In the beginning, they always asked me to come to church but I politely declined.  Finally, I lied and told them that I had a bad experience with a church I attended in my childhood and they let it drop.  From their minds I read that they thought someone at church had abused me as a child.  That wasn’t true, of course.

Well, at least not the part about church.

Anyway, the positive side to working in such a small town run by the Fellowship Church was that I wasn’t groped every time I delivered a drink or a meal.  Mr. Collins had probably eighty-five percent of the town in his congregation and he publicly shamed anyone who did not conform to his expectations of good Christians.

The negative side of living in the Fellowship town was listening to all the self-righteous hate talk and having to hold my tongue.  Sure, I didn’t want to be around vampires but that didn’t mean I thought they were all evil.  So, listening in on their verbal and mental hate talk was really tiresome.

However, I was relieved all they ever did was talk.

Or at least that was all I’d ever ‘heard’ from their minds.  I listened in from time to time as a part of a deal I made with myself when I first moved here.  I could handle lying about my view on vampires and living in this Fellowship town as long as I didn’t have to live with something I ‘heard’ that caused someone to be harmed.

In other words, I wasn’t going to stand by and let any vamps be crucified by the supposed church.  So, as long as they kept to talk and not actions, then I could live here and keep to myself.

I was feeling contented with my decision.  It had been seven months and they were still all talk and no action.  So I was starting to feel more and more comfortable in my new place.

Of course, allowing yourself to be comfortable is just asking for trouble.  I should have learned that by now.

I pulled myself from my musings and went to pick up the order for Mr. Collins’ table.  As I was thanking Max, I noticed he was staring over my shoulder and that the diner had gone silent.

When I turned around, my heart rate picked up immediately and my palms became sweaty.

A vampire had just unwittingly walked into Fellowship Central.

Eric POV

As Godric spoke about going to Kentucky to investigate his lead into Isabelle’s disappearance, I discretely watched Sookie.

I still couldn’t believe that she was a vampire.   Of course, I’d thought about turning her briefly when I found out about her telepathy, but Godric had taught me better than to turn someone because she would be an asset.  I had resolved myself to watch Sookie and see how she dealt with the vampire world before I made a decision.

I certainly thought her feistiness was a step in the right direction.  It was one of the things that pulled me to turn Pam.

However, when Sookie disappeared and Bill could no longer feel her, we had to accept that she had died somehow.  I had continued to look for her discreetly for several months because I was pissed off that someone had taken away a valuable asset.

The Queen was pissed off too.

However, she couldn’t really blame me because Bill was the one who she had tasked with the telepath’s protection.

Stupid move.

Oh well, the important thing is that she’s been found.  I can’t wait to hear the Queen’s reaction when she finds out that Sookie is now a vampire and we share a Maker.

Which brings me back to the present.

I’ve always been Godric’s only child so what made him turn Sookie?  I’m not jealous or second guessing his decision, but the coincidence that their paths crossed and that he was the one who turn her was just too much for me to comprehend in such a short time span.

So, instead of thinking about fate versus pure coincidence, I decided to examine Sookie’s appearance.

Vampire looked good on her.

Since she had been so tan in her human life, she was a bit darker skinned than most Caucasian vampires.  Her blue eyes stood out starkly against her blonde hair and flawless skin.  Her breasts, which were always one of my favorite things to study, were even perkier than they had been before her change.  She still had her voluptuous figure and her lips were pouty and kissable.


I needed to stop thinking like this.  Between thinking about her body and the violent bloodthirsty display she put on in the basement, I was incredibly hard.

I decided to turn my attention back to my Master at the same time he decided to turn his attention to his new child.

“Sookie.” Godric called to her since her eyes seemed to be miles away.  She turned her eyes toward the three of us to find that everyone was staring at her.

“Master?”  She asked Godric.

“I asked if you would like to get some fresh air while I talk to Eric and Pam, my child.”  He answered smoothly.

“Yes, please.”  She said as she stood and walked out of the bar without another word.

“Is it that bad?”  Pam asked Godric once Sookie had left the bar.

“Yes.”  Godric answered simply.  “It will take quite some time for her to heal from all that she has suffered.  She has been more animated since we arrived here than she has been in the last month.  I am starting to consider moving to Louisiana while she adjust and heals.”

“You know you are welcome in my home, Master.”  I offered automatically.  It had been centuries since we had shared a nest and I would love to share one with Godric and Sookie.  “But what about your Sheriff’s position in Dallas?”

“I have already resigned.”  He said evenly.  “I was growing tired of the politics and I need to spend time training Sookie and helping her heal.  If we move here, it would allow her to have sparring partners that can know about her powers.”

I grinned with fangs as I answered.  “I would love to spar with her.”

“Eric.” Godric said sternly.  “You will control yourself around her until she has healed.”

“Yes, Master.”  After all, I was a patient vampire.

“Are you saying she was violated?”  Pam asked bluntly and I growled at the thought of someone touching her violently.

Godric’s sigh was enough of an answer for both of us and I was only slightly surprised when Pam growled beside me.

Say what you want about vampires and their selfishness, and you would probably be right.  But when it came to our little family; we take care of our own.


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  1. Ohhhh………. What’s happened? This story is perfect… PLEASE, the next chappiee!!

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    I’m so excited to get to the next chapter I barely remembered to review.
    Poor Sookie. I hope the three of them can help her heal.

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