Chapter 2

After Pam returned with clothes for Godric and myself, we each took some time in Eric’s private bathroom to cleanup from our travels. By the time both of us had finished our showers and dressed, Eric had closed Fangtasia and he and Pam were the only other vampires left in the bar.

Well, unless you counted Bill in the basement.

Which I didn’t.

I had used my time away from Louisiana to look back and analyze my relationship with Bill. With the maturity that comes from facing your past mistakes, I realized over time that I acted like a lovesick teenager whilst I was with Bill. I couldn’t really berate myself too much because my reaction to Bill was similar to that of a normal teenager in her first relationship. Due to my telepathy, I had never experienced that in high school. Therefore, I had to learn those lessons at twenty-six.

It had just been my luck that my first relationship was with a vampire.

If only I could go back in time and teach myself a few things.

When I returned to Eric’s office, Godric was sitting on the couch while Eric seemed preoccupied by paperwork on his desk. Pam came in the door just as I was sitting down next to Godric.

“Is it story time yet?” Pam asked sarcastically.

“Sure, Pam.” I quipped. “What story will you be telling us tonight?”

While she glared at me, I saw Eric smirk in my direction. I wondered what that was about.

“Sookie.” Godric said softly.

How was it that one word from him could convey so much meaning?

I knew without being told he wanted me to tell the story of how I ended up in Kentucky and everything I’d been involved with. I didn’t know if he also wanted me to tell them the story of how we met and how I was turned, or if he would do it himself. However, I had no doubt that each of the stories would be told before sunrise.

I sighed.

I really didn’t want to do this.

In an attempt to forestall the inevitable, I decided to ask about those I had left behind. I truly hoped they were safe and happy. In all honesty, I left to protect them as much as I left to protect myself.

Looking to Pam and Eric, I asked. “Do either of you know anything about Bon Temps? My brother?”

They exchanged looks and my entire body stiffened. I had a feeling that this was not going to be good.

“What?” I demanded. “What happened?”

Eric looked at Godric as if asking permission to answer my questions, and I followed his gaze to see my Maker studying me. Without returning Eric’s gaze, Godric nodded.

I looked back to Eric expectantly and tried to steel myself for the worse.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I heard.

“Your brother moved to Dallas and joined the Fellowship of the Sun’s group of soldiers.” I gasped. “Lafayette was punished for dealing V but he is still alive and in Bon Temps. Sam was killed by a Maenad, and your friend Tara is missing.”

I started to speak several times but couldn’t form any words and my thoughts were exponentially more chaotic than they had normally been since my rising. Before I knew it, bloody tears were falling onto my new clothes.

It was the first time I’d cried as a vampire.

In a tone that almost sounded as if it contained something other than arrogant bravado, Eric dropped one last bomb.

“And as you have heard, Bill is now in our basement. After he failed to procure you for the Queen, his fangs were removed and he was ordered to live the next century in Bon Temps as punishment. He is not allowed to leave Area Five.”

My head snapped up.

Procure me?” I hissed.

Eric stared at me inquisitively as if he was surprised by my reaction.

Pam took over the explanation for her Maker.

“After you supposedly died, we were ordered to deliver Compton to the Queen.”

She continued as if bored. “It wasn’t until we arrived at the palace we learned she had sent Bill to seduce you and bring you to her court. Apparently, in addition to being a telepath, you also had fairy blood in your veins. She was quite anxious to get her fangs into you.”

Before the last word had left Pam’s mouth, I was out of the office and in full vampire mode. I quickly found Bill’s scent and followed it into the basement.

I didn’t know how to comprehend or accept most of what I had just heard, but I did understand that Bill Compton had to die.

Truly and finally.

In less than a blink of a human eye, I stood in front of Bill preparing to tear his head off.

“I command you to step away from him.” Godric’s voice sounded lazy but his words hit me with a force that would not, and could not, be denied. I felt the magic radiate out from the center of my body as the command took hold and my feet guided me back several steps.

I glared at Bill and growled, whilst he looked at me with shock radiating from his features.

He was chained to the wall in front of me with silver cuffs burning around his wrists and ankles. Otherwise, he looked to be unharmed.

If I had my way, that condition would change very soon.

“Sookie?” Bill spoke my name disbelievingly.

“Do NOT speak to me or I will rip out your tongue!” I hissed out vehemently.

“Oooo. So there is a vampire in that body.” Pam snarked.

I bared my fangs at her and snapped. “I’m not in the mood for your bitchiness, Pam.”

“You’ve had her all this time?” Bill directed his rising anger and words at Eric. “Her Majesty will end you for this when she finds out.”

Before any of us knew what was happening, Godric was squeezing Bill by the throat.

“You will not issue threats to anyone with my blood.” Godric’s always calm and collected tone was in direct opposition with his violent actions. “Do you understand?”

Bill nodded slightly before Godric released him.

“Who are you?” Bill choked out when he could speak.

“My Maker.” Eric and I spoke in unison and Bill’s eyes widened as our words sunk in.

Before Bill could ask any more questions, I turned to Godric.

“Master, you promised to protect me and to ensure vengeance against any who wronged me.” I bowed my head submissively in an attempt to get what I wanted. “Why can I not end him?”

From the corner of my eye, I saw Pam and Eric grin slightly. I was pretty sure they wanted Bill finally dead almost as much as I did. I was also convinced the Queen had forbidden Eric from ending Bill, but I knew Eric wouldn’t interfere if Godric gave me permission to stake Bill.

“I also agreed to teach you how to be a strong vampire, and a vampire is never at the mercy of their emotions.”

I huffed loudly and I saw my Maker stiffen.

“I meant no disrespect Master, but he betrayed me. He deserves punishment.”

“Do you remember the last thing you said to me, before I turned you?” Godric prodded softly.

I flinched and looked down after nodding slowly.

“If I let you kill him, then I will not be keeping my word to you.” Godric added after a moment of silence.

“I understand, Master.” I whispered.

“However,” Godric continued with an even tone and my head snapped up hopefully, “you may punish him in any way you please as long as it does not include his final death, and if Bill’s Sheriff does not object.”

Eric smirked in Bill’s direction. “On the contrary, I’m looking forward to it.”

I turned to look at Bill while I let the feelings of rage and betrayal resurface. I had suppressed them some, whilst speaking with my Maker but now I let them flow through my body. As my pain and anger took over again, I felt my fangs reach their full length.

As far as I was concerned, Bill and his Queen were the ones responsible for everything that had gone wrong in my life. The Queen had ordered this vampire to enter my life and he had done as he was told perfectly. I may have been naïve and inexperienced, but I wasn’t intentionally so. They had plotted against me and planned for my pain and suffering.

If they hadn’t intervened in my life, then Gran wouldn’t have been murdered, I wouldn’t have left Bon Temps, and maybe Jason wouldn’t have joined some radical vampire hate group. Perhaps I could have even helped Lafayette, Sam, and Tara if I hadn’t needed to leave.

It was all Bill’s fault along with his bitch of a Queen.

But the Queen wasn’t here.

Bill was.

“Sookie.” Bill said in the Southern drawl that would have had me melting just over eight months ago.

But tonight, he had just foolishly broken my rule.

In a flash, I jerked open his jaw and yanked out his tongue.

The silence that followed was golden.

HA! He didn’t think I would do it and, based on Pam and Eric’s faces, they didn’t think I would do it either.

“I did warn you.” I said evenly before I threw the offending organ on the ground.

As I stepped back to look at my handy work, I saw Bill’s blood pouring from his mouth and it immediately kicked my bloodlust up a notch.


I wouldn’t be able to do this for long.

Godric said I had amazing control for a newborn vampire but this was getting to be too much for me to handle, and fast.

Still, I wasn’t ready for it to end yet. I would just have to be quick with my revenge, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

“Before I go, I think you owe me one more thing.”

With those words, I ripped open his slacks and plunged my hand down his pants to wrap my hands around his dick.

I looked up into his eyes and saw the fear as he gurgled out the best yell he could muster without a tongue.

When the hysteria settled a little and his eyes were locked on mine, I spoke.

“Perhaps next time you will think twice before taking a woman’s virginity under false pretenses.”

Having said my piece, I used my strength to tear off his dick and quickly threw the inadequate thing into the corner of the basement.

As I walked away from everyone and made my way up the stairs, I threw one last verbal dagger over my shoulder.

“You were a lousy lay anyway, Bill. Perhaps that one was defective. I think I’ve actually done you a favor by helping you get a new one.”

I could still hear Eric’s booming laughter coming from the open basement door when I entered the shower.

As I stood under the hot spray of the shower and watched the blood tinged water swirl down the drain, it didn’t take long before I dissolved into tears.



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  1. Amanda

    Hell Hath no fury like a woman scorned

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    GO SOOKIE!!!

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    Hahahahaha…I looove me some kick arse Sookie!

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